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September 2021

Dear Ones,

Since our last newsletter, we have seen a gradual return to the office of our team who have been spread far and wide throughout the last lock-down. It gives us all a lot of motivation and energy to be together and reconnect with our special team dynamic.

Eco sisterhood is one of our core values and is an idea that is very meaningful to us at Eco Femme. We believe that the times we live in demand new leadership and new ways of responding to the challenges that we are collectively facing. We strongly believe that embracing the “feminine” (seen through the lens of being a quality, rather than a gender) could offer the transformation we so deeply need.

Compassion, vulnerability, generosity, intuition, deep listening, and increasing sensitivity to the natural world are all intrinsic to eco sisterhood as we understand it. As more spaces emerge for women to connect, create, and lead, we believe supporting each other  can help foster healing and facilitate a deeper shift in culture away from competition—a mindset rooted in scarcity—towards supportive collaboration and stewardship.

This last week, we were able to water this seed of eco sisterhood in our team as we came together in person for another 1 day team retreat  to continue our exploration of deepening relationship with our bodies, each other and the earth.  We hope and believe that prioritising these foundational relationships echoes throughout our work at Eco Femme and that you can catch some of this magic as you read about what we have been up to these last 2 months.


Eco Femme co-founder
PCOS Awareness Month
the whole of September
This month, we joined global efforts to raise awareness about PCOS  and help spread information about this increasingly common  yet largely undiagnosed condition.

Read on our blog the experience of one of our ambassadors who suffered from PCOSShe shares her journey to face the challenges of living with PCOS by becoming increasingly sensitive to and aware of her body signals.  The most incredible is that she just gave birth to her first baby even though it is said that PCOS can create fertility problems. 

We also organised two live sessions on Instagram: 
1. With the gynaecologist Dr. Surbhi Singh from Sacchi Saheli. She explained what is PCOS, how and why it should be diagnosed, why one should seek medical help...

2. With Nadia from Lunaria Institute. She's a yogini and a healing teacher from Auroville. She explained us what are PCOS symptoms, how to manage PCOS namely through diet and what is the link with our ancestors as it can be a genetic disease.
Watch replays
Meet our new partner 
Sharana from Pondicherry
We are delighted to welcome our new partner Sharana onboard! 

Sharana works in nearby Pondicherry and  through their programs, they address the critical educational needs of socio-economically disadvantaged children and communities in urban Pondicherry and its surrounding villages. 

Our menstrual educator Harishini  conduced a training of trainers program with their social workers and field staff  who quickly absorbed the material and were excited to transmit this knowledge to girls in a pilot Pad for Pad program

They wrote a lovely article about our new partnership which you can read on here. 👇

Read blog

Saphara donation

Saphara believes in the potential of young people to change the world!  

They have invested in our work, especially with adolescent girls over many years and we are honoured to be associated with them. We have been immensely grateful for an additional donation during these lean times which has enabled us to support a number of our solid partners as well as some women and girls in our local communities to access free cloth pad kits. 

Watch out for a video in our next newsletter where we will  share more about the impact of our work together on menstrual health during Covid times.

We were at Satvic Movement Fest in Delhi
Events are slowly slowly picking up again! Woohoo! We are so glad we can physically meet people again!

At the end of August, Sugandha set up a stall, and engaged with Satvic movement's large community at their festival in Delhi.  Rooted in Vedic philosophy, Satvic Movement aims to bring us closer to Mother Nature and encourages health habits that are easy to adopt in today's modern lifestyle. Our values align closely with theirs!

We enjoyed the conversations and questions and many were inspired to make the switch to cloth pads as a result. 

Really glad we got to be a part of this!
International shipping
is FREE!
Here is a friendly reminder to our international customers.
All the products available on our web shop can be shipped worldwide and most of all, international shipping is free! 

Let's spread the cloth pad revolution all around the world! WoohoOoOo! 🙌

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Vogue profiled us!! 🙌
We are thrilled to have been mentioned in Vogue India!
Read their article about "10 sustainable swaps to make today for a plastic-free bathroom" where we are profiled. Last year, they also featured us in another article about "20 simple ways to go green in 2020". 

Bring on the sustainability revolution! 

Reading Corner
Survey about emotional PCOS

As part of PCOS month, Samridhi is conducting a short survey that aims at understanding the emotional health of PCOS subjects and in turn to “break the stigma & shame which is associated to the disorder.

If you are a PCOS subject, kindly fill this short survey or pass it on to those who have PCOS around you. Your identity will be kept confidential :-) Samridhi will present the results at the end of October.

If you want to check there results of last year's survey, click here.
Our Revolution Has Style: Contemporary Menstrual Product Activists “Doing Feminism” in the Third Wave 

Menstrual product activism is loosely defined as various attempts to expose the hazards of commercial “feminine protection” to both women’s bodies and the environment and the promotion of healthier, less expensive, and less resource-intensive alternatives.

Learn more about this activist movement which started in the mid 1970s, about the “do it yourself” ethic and anti-corporate philosophy of Punk culture, about the Third Wave feminist ideals and the resilience of a woman-centred modern history of resistance. 

Click here to read the paper!

Art Corner

Eco Femme cloth pads design competition

On October 1st, we are launching a design competition to get creative fabric designs or prints suggestions for the back of our pads. Stand a chance to design our next cloth pad fabric!

Here is more information about the competition:
  1.  Prints/designs can be inspired by Indian culture, using vibrant colours for example and which show the love for the wild and nature, plant and animal life… We are also welcoming traditional techniques like block printing!
  2. The design/ illustration can either be done on fabric, paper, digital etc. as per the artist's discretion. Just send pictures of it ;-)
  3. Send an email to [email protected] saying you want to participate to the competition.
  4. A picture of your design/ illustration (PNG or JPG format) should be uploaded to the Google form by October 15th at 23:59 IST.
We are really excited to see your proposals!! Aaaaand... we want to thank our super ambassador Anisha for proposing and leading this great initiative! 😃 💜
Outdoor menstrual mandala

Our talented ambassador, Shivangi Gadia from Auroville, who is an architect, documented her journey to the creation of an amazing outdoor menstrual mandala which you can see in this 6 min video! She made this with other women designers and architects. 
We were very impressed by this beautiful outdoor art work! 
We're giving you a sneak peek with this picture!😍
outdoor menstrual mandala

Coming and going
eco femme girls
As mentioned, the full team is back at the office, after many months of being scattered due to Covid and lock downs. Laure, Pranathi, Celia and Sugandha are happily back all together at the office now!

We even had time to celebrate 2 birthdays and to have a one-day retreat to work on the connection with ourselves, with others and with nature. This is an ongoing team work we are doing since early this year with an ex-team member Lakshmi who founded the Inner Climate AcademyThe Inner Climate Academy provides spaces for inner reflection, dialogue, and facilitated explorations that lead to personal and societal transformation of our relationship with the living Earth. Have a look at her website to understand this beautiful, deep, connective and meaningful work she in undertaking for humanity and the earth. 
Visit our website and our online shop:
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