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THURSDAY 16th of July, 2022
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📸 Photographs we love 
Caló des Moro  - @_sandravallejo_
Manacor - @kati.reist
Fornalutx @weronikabiedrzycka
🏠  Property off the week 
How dreamy is this luxury villa located in the hills of beautiful Costa D’en Blanes? The villa is built by the famous architect Alejandro Palomino & has amazing details throughout that make it totally unique!

The design is modern & fresh but also has a Balinese feel to it. Make sure to take a look & get inspired by this unbelievable villa!
In partnership with Fantastic Frank.
🎤  5 questions with Katie Handyside, founder of Katie Handyside Training
Instagram worth following: Well mine of course !!!! Top tips on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle...with some dog stuff! I post workouts, recipes and benefits of exercise and eating on keeping you young, fit and healthy! I also like to answer any questions people may have to get them out of a pickle!

Otherwise I follow other fitness guru’s, I also like yoyobike! He’s funny. And I love biking

Favourite place to swim: 
Outside my house only because the water is always crystal clear, and I can run upstairs and shower afterwards - I'm not really one for lying on the beach. Previously I would go to the military beach in Illetas or swim around the island and I also love the east coast because the water is always slightly cooler. I prefer a chilly water to a bath tub water.
A place worth eating at: My house? (jejejej) oooo another tricky one, depends what mood i'm in. Great steaks and unbelievable steak tartar at Vivo in Santa Ponsa - beautiful food overall. Great fish again at the seafood restaurant in Santa Ponsa directly by the sea along the promenade (the name slips my mind but it is a fish restaurant). Lovely salmon tartar at Ibizza in Magaluf. Great fish restaurant down in Port Adriano - huge portions - its the last one at the end before you hit the car park. For traditional Spanish/Mallorquín food you cannot beat C’an Pedros.

Who is making a product we should know about: Oooo that’s a tricky one... @island_treasures_mallorca handmade body care products using locally sourced ingredients

Best month of the year in Mallorca: October of course - my birthday month !!!!!!! I actually love all the months and when I live in a house with central heating I will also enjoy the winter. Unfortunately since living here in 2004 I have never lived in a warm winter house. At the moment I live front line with the most beautiful view in the world and access to the sea but in winter getting out of bed is cold, showering is freezing and I walk around with my jacket on inside - in fact when I open up the door to go outside I have to take my jacket off because it s warmer!!
Katie Handyside Training - Take care of your body & book personal or group training with Katie.  
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👀 Idas tips

Last Friday Luke surprised me with a night at L'Avenida in Soller.

This hotel was truly magical! I would recommend everyone that has the opportunity to stay there for one night! The location, the view, the pool area, the breakfast & the staff are all amazing (the manager Matthew is truly lovely).

I thought it was great to stay there from Friday to Saturday as you can take in the lovely Soller markets on Saturday morning. 

Soller is one of my favourite towns as it has so much to offer! We love to do hikes, stroll around, eat amazing food, sit down for a drink, go and swim or enjoy the markets if they are open. 

Read more ​here.​
Event 💃
What? First restaurant tailored dinner show on Mallorca. By Cast Company.

June 13th to August 24th

Where? La Pescaderia de Andi

We went to Cast companys dinner show yesterday & it was truly amazing. The performance was outstanding! It had it all! everything from magic, to dancing & singing. We highly recommend everyone to go and see it as it's so uniq and entertaining!

The food was also great. It was served in-between the acts of the performance & it all had a nice flow to it.

Make sure to book some tickets before they get sold out!!! It's a perfect gift for a partner or if you want to bring your visiting guest out for something fun and uniq.

More info here.
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