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"90% of coaching is creating an environment, through force of personality. The other 10% involves strategy." - Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr now has nine NBA championship rings - five as a player and four as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. He's won them in many different ways, but the importance of culture and environment has never wavered. Keep Kerr's ratio in mind as you work with your teams.

Summer gives me the chance to work on some different projects. Last week, I had the pleasure of talking performance with Dr. Ford Dyke on the preFORM podcast. The time definitely flew by, and we had a great chat. Check it out wherever you listen to your podcasts: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

If you watched the US Open last week, you may have noticed golfer Matthew Fitzpatrick chipping cross-handed (in the rare instances that he missed the green). He's not the first player to do this, but it is definitely unusual. While players may resort to this technique when they struggle with the yips, Fitzpatrick simply thought that it could make him better. The statistics don't lie. Last year, he ranked 137th in scrambling, and this year he ranks 7th. Now, he's the US Open champion.

Why do I highlight this? First, he's demonstrating the PROmindset that I've discussed previously. We need to focus on the PROcess of improvement, not what other people think of us. Second, people often get wrapped up in style, forgetting that in golf (and most everything else), it's not how, it's how many. Finally, he shows the importance of trusting in your approach. As Arnold Palmer said, "Swing your swing." It takes confidence and commitment to execute in the moments that matter.

Read this phrase out loud: OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE.  

Did you read it as, "Opportunity is nowhere?"

Or, did you read it as "Opportunity is now here?"

The difference lies in your perspective, and that starts with where you insert the space. It's a great metaphor for performance. Before leaping to judgment, pause and create space to objectively look at your situation. Consider all of the possible outcomes. Doing so allows you to identify the opportunities presented by the moment. When you remain open to possibilities, even more opportunities begin to present themselves. Start looking for ways to apply the now-here mentality.
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