11th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A
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12 Hour Adoration - Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi 12 Hour Adoration
12 Hour Adoration

On Saturday over 70 of our parishioners came to stay and adore the Real Presence of Jesus; revering in silence the Most Holy Sacrament for the vigil of Corpus Christi.

Some photos are included and can be found via this link.

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Many thanks to the Bayside Catholic Mission Prayer and Worship Team who organised this blessed time for our community.
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St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal is this weekend

Joan receiving help from St Vincent De Paul
Joan (above) receiving help from St Vincent De Paul after becoming homeless at age 70!
The Gardenvale, Brighton, Sandringham and Beaumaris/Black Rock conferences of St Vincent de Paul will give a talk and have a special collection in support of the St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal this weekend at St Joan of Arc, St Mary's, Sacred Heart, St Joseph's and Stella Maris churches of the Bayside Catholic Mission.
This year St Vincent De Paul's Winter Appeal is focussing on supporting those who are homeless - particularly elderly women who are doing it tough.Sleeping rough on the streets on long, cold nights can put older women at increased health risks. Vulnerable and lonely, they need your help. Donate now and you'll help give older women the support they desperately need to feel safe and escape the terrifying cycle of homelessness. “You really can't express how grateful you are and how happy you are, to think you're on the street one minute and 12 months later you've got a home, somewhere to call your own again,” – Joan, who became homeless at 70 years old. 
Find out more at: donate.vinnies.org.au
Please specify which conference you wish to donate towards!
The itinerary for the WYD week in Lisbon
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Bringing Christ to the Streets

Eucharistic Procession in Melbourne
Source: Melbourne Catholic
Outside of Christmas and Easter, few liturgical events can draw a crowd like the Soleminity of the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi). Patronal feast days might bring in large groups of parishioners, but it is Corpus Christi Sunday that provides the public opportunity for the faithful to proclaim the sacramental beauty of Jesus made flesh in the bread and wine. The act of walking the streets with the Eucharist, with hundreds—sometimes thousands—following along, is a wonderful way of witnessing to our faith, and of making known Jesus’ words, ‘I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full’ (John 10:10).
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Pilgrimage: a very brief history

Pilgrimage Cross Roads
Source: Melbourne Catholic
Pilgrimages have been a staple of Christian life since the earliest centuries of the Church. In a world so connected by air travel, when we are able to be on the other side of the world in less than a day, it’s easy to forget the meaning of a real pilgrimage and its spiritual nature—and how difficult it once was for people to make one.
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Bishop Barron: 

The CATHOLICISM series is still available for FREE - For the first time, in breathtaking and high-definition cinematography, the truth, goodness, and beauty of Catholicism are illustrated in a multimedia experience.Journey with Bishop Robert Barron to more than 50 locations throughout 16 countries. Be illuminated by the spiritual and artistic treasures of this global culture that claims more than one billion of the earth's people. Learn what Catholics believe and why. Discover the full meaning of the faith.
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