We are praying for you!
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Dear <<First Name>> ,
We are Praying for You!

“Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Phil 4:4-6

We all know how comforting it is when someone tells us, “I’m praying for you.” Or how prayer has obtained graces for us or those we are praying for.

Carrying the world in our prayer is an important aspect of our life and charism. Our daily prayer intentions are displayed in our chapels all around the world, and a special place is given to the many intentions that are entrusted to our prayer each day. These intentions – your intentions, are included in our daily rosary, adoration, Mass, and especially Thursday night adoration as well as in our personal intercession.

Ask us to pray your intentions, or simply write them in our prayer intentions book in the chapel. We will pray for them! 

The most powerful prayer is, of course, the Mass. There’s no greater gift you could give someone than to request that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass be offered for their intentions.

“A single Mass offered for a person during their lifetime may be worth more than a thousand celebrated for the same intention after their death.” St Anselm

We are blessed to have three priests here, so make good use of them! Ask them to offer a Mass, or a novena of Masses (Mass offered for 9 consecutive days), in thanksgiving, or for an anniversary, or a special need. 

Praying for the living and the dead is one of the seven spiritual works of mercy.

Let us pray for one another, then, bringing one another’s burdens before the Lord, who invites us to cast all our cares upon him, since he is taking care of us.


CLICK to request a Mass be offered for yourself, a friend or a special intention or to let us know your prayer intentions.
CLICK HERE to request a Mass or to submit a prayer intention

This month's testimonial is by Chanda (from Auckland): 

"Diagnosed 14 months ago with Metastatic breast cancer I was given a six-12 month life expectancy which was catastrophic for our family.  At 55 years old with a 19 and 23 year old and husband Tim, we set ourselves on a pathway of beating this cancer.
I am doing super well - the Beatitudes have taken me under their wings and are providing me with prayer and spirit.  Staying with the community for a week provided much needed guidance and filled me up with faith.  Thank you to each and every one of you - for believing in this cure and showing me that faith is powerful.  I love you all.  Chanda cx"

We pray for providence.

The Beatitudes lives from the work of their hands and from divine providence. We do need your help with large and unexpected costs:

These are our immediate needs:
*  Our much needed tractor needs a clutch repair: $2550
*  The water pump for the Retreat House failed and needed replacing: $6400
*  The large pump for our irrigation well needs replacement: $9900

Please consider making a regular offering to help the Beatitudes continue to concentrate on their important mission and take care of some of the maintenance and repairs that are so urgently needed. 

All donations above $5 are fully tax deductible. CLICK below
Please donate to Westpac:  03-0854-0012427-000  ​

Recent Events: Celebrating the Feast of St Peter Chanel

On Saturday 29th April, the Beatitudes celebrated the Feast of Saint Peter Chanel, one of the first Catholic missionaries to the Pacific and the first martyr of Oceania. Pilgrims gathered for a talk on Peter Chanel and on the spirituality of Pilgrimage. The youth from CYT who will soon be in Europe for World Youth Day joined us as did some pilgrims from New Caledonia and Wallis & Futuna.

Coming up....

In May: On the 25th of May, the Community celebrates its 50th Jubilee worldwide. Please keep the us in prayer especially around this time.

27th May: Pentecost Sunday - ​Join us for an evening with the Beatitudes as we welcome the Holy Spirit. Special Vespers at 5:30pm followed by a potluck dinner together! All welcome.


Visit Beatitudes.nz for more details of all upcoming events, news and information.
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