June 2023 Poulsbo Sons of Norway Maaken newsletter
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June 2023
Sons of Norway Mission Statement
 The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic countries, and to provide quality insurance and financial products to its members. 
Lodge Office Phone - 360-779-5209
Trolls' Den Phone - 360-779-2384
Poulsbo Son's of Norway 2-44 - President's Message
Hej all,
We had a great Viking Fest last month with all the goings-on here in Poulsbo. Lots of planning and preparation went into making it a fun and productive time for lodge life. From the opening ceremonies, to the parades, to dance performances, walk abouts, beer garden, and lefse sales. Lots of work, smiles, great weather, and a job well done.  Thanks to you all!
Now we move into summer months, some activities are slowing down until fall but there are still things to do as members. Plans are coming in July to have special dinner service in the Trolls’ Den on Tuesdays while the summer concerts happen at the pavilion. Please come down and have dinner on the deck listening to some fine music across the parkway. There’s still Friday dinners as we have folks to prepare meals.  And social activities throughout the weeks as you follow on Facebook and website. 
So in all its been a good year, with much more to come. Midtsommer on June 17th where we raise the Maistang pole and light the bonfire to celebrate the summer solstice. It’s been good to be your president! 
See you down at the lodge!
Paul Anunson
Poulsbo Sons of Norway

Visste Du?
(Did you know?)
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Vote for new roof!
At the lodge meeting June 13 we will take up the vote for the terms of a trade with Integrity Roofing for a new metal roof. A vote of 2/3 majority will be required to proceed with the trade. The Lodge board of directors and Building Association directors have deliberated these terms over the past months. Terms are as follows:
  • Integrity Roofing will provide labor and materials to remove and dispose of old lodge roof and install metal roof.
  • The Building Association will pay for 10 years of lodge membership for Integrity Roofing President Tanner, make Integrity Roofing platinum sponsor at Building Association auction fundraisers for 10 years and place a commemorative 16x8 tile on the deck wall below the Trolls’ Den.
  • The Lodge will host a ribbon cutting ceremony and Friday Night Dinner for Integrity crew at completion of project. The lodge will place promotional materials of coasters and Beer Garden tent in Trolls’ Den and hang Integrity banner at Nordic Markets for 10 years. The lodge will place quarterly advertising in the Maaken, social media, and website for next 20 years. Trolls’ Den will provide access to advertising on TVs and bathrooms for next 20 years.
Because this is a trade there is minimal direct cost to the lodge or building association for the roof other than incidental costs such as permitting and such. As part of the business meeting agenda on June 13, lodge and building association members will be asked to approve this trade by motion.
Kaffe Stua Cancelled
We are very sorry to cancel the Kaffe Stua scheduled for June 14 as we know many people were looking forward to it.   We hope to get Kaffe Stua up and running at another time.  
2023 Lodge Board
 President – Paul Anunson
 Vice President – Scott Kankovsky
 Counselor – Tony Smallbeck
 Secretary – Helen Wytko
 Assistant Secretary  - Michelle Meng
 Treasurer - Ingrid Simms
 Membership Secretary – Mary Gerstel
 Trustee 1 – Tim Larson
 Trustee 2 – Sherry White
 Trustee 3 – Jerry Block
 Cultural Director- Alisha Anunson
 Youth Director - Kari Carlsen
 Social Director Ashley Singer
 Sports Director – Lorena Maxwell
 Publicity Director - Leif Saunders
 Foundation Director – Beth Farley
 Auditor 1 – Karen Zabinski
 Auditor 2 – Amy Swenson
 Auditor 3 - Laura McDonough
 Editor – Joanne Graves
 Musician – Kathy Haug
 Historian – Kristi Durham
 Marshal 1 – Jaymie Cizek
 Marshal 2 - Curtis Vincent
 Greeter 1 – May Mathiesen
 Greeter 2 – Keri Kankovsky
 Building Association President - Paul Nicholson

Sons of Norway Scholarships
have been awarded for 2023.  
Watch for 2024 scholarships in the fall.

Our Facebook Page
Weekly and Monthly events at the Lodge
Mondays 6:30 - 7:45 - Informal Scandinavian music and dancing (first and third)
Tuesdays 9-11 - Coffee Klatch
Thursdays 9-11 - coffee Klatch
Thursdays at 6:00pm - Norse Room -Wood Carvers
Thursdays at 6:00pm - Trolls' Den - Trivia
Fridays at 7:00am - Marine Room - Rotary Breakfast
Fridays at 10:00am - Viking Room - Needle Workers
First Tuesday - Lodge Board meeting
Second Tuesday - Lodge meeting - 7:00pm Marine Room
Second Wednesday - Building Association
Second Wednesday - members Business Networking, 6:30-7:30pm
Third Tuesday - Vikings
Fourth Tuesday - Ladies Book Club 1:00
Fourth Tuesday - Ingeborg Society - 6-8pm in the Viking Room

On Summer Vacation:
Leikarringen youth dancers
Nowegain Blandetkor (Mixed Chorus)
Coming Events
 2 - Burger Dip dinner
 9 - Steak dinner
10 - Shield Maiden Self-Protection Training
13 - Lodge meeting
17-  Midtsommer Festival and Nordic Market
 25 - 1st Annual Cornhole Tournament 2-7pm
 27-29 - Poulsbo Lodge Youth Heritage Camp
  8 - Border Fest ( Dist 2 event at Peace Arch Park
 15 - Trollhaugen Steak fry
  18-20 Norsk Folk Dans Stemne - see flier below
 12 - Lodge meeting
15-17 -Adult Heritage Retreat at Trollhaugen(see below)

 See below for event  details 
We are looking for Friday Night Dinner volunteer crews! Contact Jaymie: JaymieCizek@gmail.com

See our website at poulsbosonsofnorway.com or our facebook page for the latest information
Shield Maiden Self Protection course June 10
Midto Sommer June 18
Cornhole Tournament June 25
Dist 2 Horse shoe and Kumm Tournament July 15
Dists 2 youth camp, see website
Adult Heritage Retreat Sept 15-17, see website
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