August 2023 Poulsbo Sons of Norway Maaken newsletter
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August 2023
Sons of Norway Mission Statement
 The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic countries, and to provide quality insurance and financial products to its members. 
Lodge Office Phone - 360-779-5209
Trolls' Den Phone - 360-779-2384
Poulsbo Son's of Norway 2-44 - President's Message
Hej all,
For the lodge. What does that mean to you? For me it is to do my best so the purpose and mission of the lodge can thrive and prosper. We are fortunate in many ways to have a lodge such as this, with a beautiful building and location. All the groups that belong here like Building Association, Leikarringen, and Vikings operate for a distinct purpose, but in the end the mission of the lodge prevails. The woodcarving, choir, needlework, dance gatherings enhance this lodge and fulfills the mission to enhance the Norwegian heritage for members, but also to keep alive what our ancestors did with regularity. Then we celebrate having food, drink, fellowship together through the common bond of fraternal membership. Skol to that! 

Help wanted; volunteers needed. Have you seen that before? We have so many members now it becomes hard to imagine that we have not enough people to volunteer.  I have been told a couple times that as a new volunteer you haven’t been called yet. We are working on it, so that more experienced members invite others to help out as the opportunities present themselves. In the meantime, enjoy the dinners and the drinks to support the lodge in that way. And buy a key card for the Trolls’ Den to raise income and to help our bar staff manage the crowds on those busy nights. And ask someone if they need some help setting up or putting away just in case you can lend a hand.  Tussen tak!

Thanks to the Tuesday night dinner crews for having the grill and fryer open to order during the concert series at the waterfront park. It’s been a very successful venture for the lodge. The last dinner and concert happen August 15 so you still have time to come down and get some. And I want you to know it is good to stop and chat with you and get to know you a little bit as I meet you around the lodge. Like I said, there’s a lot of you so I may not remember every face but I remember the excitement of you becoming a member of the Sons of Norway, and this is the feeling we both share.  Thanks for being a part of it. See you down at the lodge!
Paul Anunson
This Old Lodge
News from the Building Association
July was another wonderful month for the BA:  The major accomplishment was the contract the lodge and BA were able to negotiate with Integrity Roofing for a new metal roof for our building.  Construction will start as soon as the required permits can be issued and the roof should last 50 to 100 years.  While there may be some inconvenience, the lodge and the Trolls' Den will remain open during construction although It will be necessary to close the sidewalks and upper parking lot for three or four days.  Fall protection will be established over the entrances to the lodge and I will be onsite during construction.  As part of the job, Integrity Roofing has purchased an SSQII Multipro roof and wall panel machine to make the long runs.  I want to thank all involved for making the new roof a reality.  We look forward to a very successful project.
The BA had a work party recently to fix a leak on the back upper deck off the Marine Room.  We believe we were able to fix the problem.  A good south wind and rain will tell.
The tiles are being installed below the Trolls' Den deck and are looking great.  Please check them out.  If you have not already ordered a tile, please do so!!
Sincerely Paul Nicholson BA 
The very late arrival of warm, dry weather this spring dashed our hopes for a Viking Fest Installation. It must be warm and dry- but not too hot- for tiles to be put on the wall.   Ray Jones began installing tiles in late June  with hopes of finishing all tiles that we have  ordered by July 5. The July Tile Delivery from the Company came and went with nothing delivered . I was informed by the Company that the remainder of the orders have been delayed “Due to supply chain issues”.  It’s a familiar phrase that we have all begun to dread.
I have been reassured by Polar Engravings Owner that all orders that have been received to date will be delivered by July 28.  We plan to begin installing all tiles on July 29.  
We have also been informed by the company that they are discontinuing the gray tiles after filling our orders to date due to difficulty in obtaining the gray color.  All  4x8 tiles and 8x8 tiles will be in Brick Red from here on out.  This should not have a large impact on our design but it has delayed our project by months.
If you have ordered a Replica tile, they will be available for pick up on July 28 from 3pm until 8pm.  If you are unable to pick your Replica up at that time they will be in the office Tuesdays through Friday  11am to 2pm beginning in August.
Thank you all for your patience and generosity.  The tiles ordered so far have generated over $20,000 for the Building Association and we are just beginning to fill the Wall.
If you haven’t ordered your tile yet, click on the link below for ordering.
Visste Du?
(Did you know?)
DID YOU KNOW?  According to our lodge Policies & Procedures:  Lodge members have NO AUTHORITY TO ENTER THE LODGE in the following circumstances unless they are specifically conducting lodge business (which includes duties such as a volunteer host, food service team member, etc.):  1) when the lodge is closed and no services or activities are in progress; 2) when a private event is occurring but the lodge is otherwise “closed” unless they have been specifically invited to the event; 3) when the lodge is open but certain lodge rooms are in use for a private or non-lodge event unless specifically invited to the event.  Also, lodge members have no authority to enter the Marine Room from the kitchen elevator during a private or non-lodge event unless in the performance of some lodge duty.  Please respect your fellow lodge members who are acting as volunteer hosts and conduct yourself as required by these lodge procedures which have been adopted by the Board.  (See P&P
2023 Lodge Board
 President – Paul Anunson
 Vice President – Scott Kankovsky
 Counselor – Tony Smallbeck
 Secretary – Helen Wytko
 Assistant Secretary  - Michelle Meng
 Treasurer - Ingrid Simms
 Membership Secretary – Mary Gerstel
 Trustee 1 – Tim Larson
 Trustee 2 – Sherry White
 Trustee 3 – Jerry Block
 Cultural Director- Alisha Anunson
 Youth Director - Kari Carlsen
 Social Director Ashley Singer
 Sports Director – Lorena Maxwell
 Publicity Director - Leif Saunders
 Foundation Director – Beth Farley
 Auditor 1 – Karen Zabinski
 Auditor 2 – Amy Swenson
 Auditor 3 - Laura McDonough
 Editor – Joanne Graves
 Musician – Kathy Haug
 Historian – Kristi Durham
 Marshal 1 – Jaymie Cizek
 Marshal 2 - Curtis Vincent
 Greeter 1 – May Mathiesen
 Greeter 2 – Keri Kankovsky
 Building Association Chairman - Paul Nicholson 
Our Facebook Page
Nordic Day at the Mariners Game
I’m excited to share the ticket link for “Nordic Heritage Night” which is now live at  We are still working on the flyer but will share when published.  It’s a great fundraiser as each ticket bought will raise $8.   This is a 6:40 PM game. The Mariners are playing the Boston Red Sox. Specially priced $49 Main Level or $24 View Level tickets when you purchase through this offer. The deadline to purchase is Monday, July 31st by 5PM.
The Sofie/Olson Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in 1995 from donations contributed after the untimely deaths of two women who gave much of their time and talent to District 2. Sherrie Sofie was district president from 1988-1989 and Bernice Olson served as district treasurer from 1980-1994.   The fund provides scholarships to the children and grandchildren of district members to attend our youth camps: Camp Nidaros, Camp Normanna and Camp Trollhaugen.
Book Club
The Ladies Book Club is meeting at Liberty Bay Books in person starting this month, Tuesday, August 22.  The book will be "Broklyn Girl, Growing up Norwegian in New York City" by Jan Carol Simonsen

Sons of Norway Scholarships
 Poulsbo Sons of Norway Scholarships  are available for the Adult Heritage retreat in September. Applications are on line here:
Post secondary scholarships will be available in 2024.
Sons of Norway International Scholarship information is available on line

In Memorium
 We remember our members who have passed away: 

Anna Kasiniak
If you have recently lost a loved one or know a lodge member who has recently passed away please contact the office (360)779-5209 
Weekly and Monthly events at the Lodge
  Mondays 6:30 - 7:45 - Informal Scandinavian music and dancing
  Tuesdays 8:00am - Yoga
  Tuesdays 9-11 - Old Guys Kaffe Klatch
  Tuesdays 5-7pm - French Fried Tuesday (through August 15)
  Thursdays 9-11 - Old Guys Kaffe Klatch
  Thursdays at 6:00pm - Norse Room -Wood Carvers
  Thursdays at 6:00pm - Trolls' Den - Trivia
  Fridays at 7:00am - Marine Room - Rotary Breakfast
  Fridays at 10:00am - Viking Room - Needle Workers
  First Sunday - Vern's Famous Pancake Breakfast
  First Tuesday - Lodge Board meeting
  Second Tuesday - Lodge meeting - 7:00pm Marine Room
  Second Wednesday - Building Association
  Third Tuesday - Vikings
  Fourth Tuesday - Ladies Book Club 1:00 at Liberty Bay books (Aug 22)
  Fourth Tuesday - Ingeborg Society - 6-8pm in the Viking Room
  Youth Folk Dancing and Norwegian Chorus are on summer break
Coming Events

   (No Lodge Meeting in August)
  6 - Vern's Famous Pancake Breakfast
  18 - 20 - Norsk Folk Dans Stemne - see flier below
  19 - Dist 2 Golf Tournament - Leavenworth, WA
   22 - Ladies Book Club at Liberty Bay Books
  3 - Vern's Famous Pancake Breakfast
  12 - Lodge Meeting
  15 - 17 - Adult Heritage Retreat at Trollhaugen (see below)
  22 - Oktoberfest dinner
  1 - Vern's Famous Pancake Breakfast
 10 - Lodge Meeting 7:00pm
 3 - Turkey Stack Dinner
 24 - Lodge Meeting Board Elections

 2 - Julefest and Nordic Market

 January 2024
 27 Lutefisk Dinner
 See below for event  details
 We are looking for Friday Night Dinner volunteer crews! 
 Contact Jaymie:
See our website at or our facebook page for the latest information
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