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January 2023         

Save the Date!

We warmly invite you to join us at the
Green Destinations Story Awards Ceremony 2023 at the ITB Berlin, the world's leading tourism trade fair
We are excited to celebrate and share the Good Practice Stories of this year's nominees for the Green Destinations Story Awards 2023. The ceremony will be held at ITB Berlin on Tuesday 7 March at the “Green Stage” (Hall 3.1) from 16:35h to 17:30h, where we will announce the three finalist destinations per category, as well as the winners of the:

- ITB Earth Award, selected by Rika Jean-Francois, Commissioner ITB Corporate Social Responsibility.
- People’s Choice Award, chosen by the general public, who voted for their favourite story.

These inspirational stories are outstanding examples of how destinations worldwide strive to make tourism more resilient and sustainable by positively contributing to the local community and the environment. We congratulate them for their incredible efforts. Knowing that they will inspire you, we invite you to read the nominees' full stories on our website.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to all those who have passionately voted for their favourite destination to win the People's Choice Award 2023. The overwhelming response, with 20,000+ votes, is a great indicator of people and organizations progressively recognizing the sustainability efforts of destinations they are fond of. 

Interested in attending the award ceremony live at ITB Berlin? Get your tickets today at the link provided below.  

Nominated Stories
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Congratulations Wagrain-Kleinarl!

The first-ever Green Destinations Certified 

destination in Austria

Wagrain-Kleinarl is a well-known skiing destination that is also increasingly promoting its hiking opportunities, making it a bi-seasonal destination. They aim to develop the economic, natural, and cultural space in a sustainable way, while providing high-quality tourism products and services that are in harmony with nature. Noteworthy are the measures to improve the sustainability of skiing tourism, including monitoring of CO2 emissions, ecological piste management, and visitor management. The local authorities are working closely with the community to ensure compliance with laws on nature conservation, while actively collaborating with stakeholders to develop a comprehensive sustainability agenda and implement a variety of sustainable initiatives.
Learn more about their commitment to sustainability

Congratulations to our

Green Destinations Awarded Destinations

The Green Destinations Awards and Certification Program enables destinations to have their sustainability performance independently assessed and apply for Awards or Certification when sufficient levels of sustainability are achieved.

We would like to congratulate the following recently awarded destinations:
Bagnoles de l’Orne

A flourishing destination with a rich tourism tradition rooted in its history of thermalism, which continues to be a significant part of the local economy to this day. This not only supports over a thousand jobs, but it also plays a crucial role in maintaining the town's welcoming culture, preserving its beautiful natural environment, and valuing its rich heritage. The destination recognizes that the sustainability of activities and the future of the destination is closely tied to their collective ability to adopt virtuous practices.
Mali Lošinj

With a population of 7,565 people, this largest island town on the Croatian islands is recognized as a shining example of sustainable destination development. The destination has been building its reputation as the "island of vitality" for over 130 years. Known for its rich history, it serves as a premier location for health and sports enthusiasts. Successful, responsible management practices have helped preserve the destination's historical charm, making it a must-see destination for any traveller.
Royal Djurgarden

A symbol of sustainability, the Swedish destination strives to blend local cultural heritage with modern environmental thinking. Collaboration with the nearly 60 actors that form Royal Djurgården is sought to undertake this responsibility and effectively tackle the challenges ahead. The efforts aim to strengthen and develop it as a sustainable destination through the alignment of shared values. Their future endeavours are guided by a passion for culture, history, entertainment, and building a resilient society. 

An ideal destination for those who value sustainable and slow travel. Visitors can explore the snowy trees of Riisitunturi National Park, marvel at the largest icefalls in Finland at Korouoma Canyon, and relax on the many kilometres of beaches at Lake Livo. The local tourism companies in Posio hold a deep appreciation for nature and the local culture, which is reflected in their practices and offerings. Whether one wants to take a hike in the wilderness, witness the beauty of frozen waterfalls, or enjoy the tranquillity of the lake - Posio has it all; in an all-responsible way.
The Netherlands

The dutch destination has consistently committed to implementing green and sustainable practices for several years. It has ambitious goals to become an energy-neutral city by 2045 and a fully sustainable circular economy by 2050. The city has already achieved significant improvements, such as climate adaptation, increasing cycling infrastructure, and greening the city. Nijmegen plans to further strengthen its sustainable tourism practices by utilising various expertise and knowledge and implementing an updated action plan focused on sustainable tourism.
Arouca – UNESCO Global Geopark Portugal

The destination is an ambitious project that aims to become a leading destination for geotourism by promoting excellence in geoexperiences, being a reference area at the national and international levels for learning and improving scientific knowledge. Their geological heritage blends fine with their rich landscape, cultural assets, gastronomy, and the well-being of residents. The park offers guided tours, workshops, interactive exhibits, outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and geological safaris, and a strong focus on sustainability and inclusivity.
Colca y el Valle de los Volcanes

A destination where tourism growth and consolidation are promoted and managed to support the local economy, culture, and well-being of the population. The aim is to revalue and conserve the cultural and natural heritage of the Colca Valley as pillars of tourism. The destination is managed with a collaborative approach that involves all stakeholders and promotes education, conservation, and community development.
Find more about our Green Destinations Collection of awarded and certified destinations here.

Register for the 2023 Top 100 Stories Competition today!

Has your destination recently implemented a project to overcome a challenging scenario or to strengthen the destination management landscape in one of Top 100 competition categories?

If so, share your know-how with the rest of the world by participating in the 2023 Top 100! The Top 100 Stories is an annual competition to showcase sustainable tourism stories and good practices of destinations as inspiring examples to industry stakeholders. 

What's in for you? All participants benefit from sustainable tourism training and capacity-building opportunities. The selected destinations also gain international recognition and become a source of inspiration for other destinations worldwide.

2023 Registrations are now open! Find more information on the call for applications, and if you are ready, register with the link below.
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Foundations in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management

Positive change and impactful initiatives in tourism destination management always start with awareness of the industry’s sustainability principles. This new self-paced training helps participants master the foundational principles of sustainability and tourism and equip practical tools that help shape successful sustainable tourism destinations.
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Green Destinations' Tourism for SDGs Self-Assessment Tool helps understand a destination's main strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the GSTC-recognised Green Destinations Standard. About two weeks after you complete the survey, we will send you a free, no-obligation report based on your responses. This will include your scores for all SDGs and an analysis of which tools are most suitable to make progress in your specific situation.
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Málaga becomes FOTC's Official European Hub

Málaga will become the seat of the first-ever Future of Tourism Coalition (FoTC) global headquarters and will act as the FoTC’s European hub. The Málaga HQ will enable the Coalition to form strong partnerships with businesses, governments, academic institutions and NGOs, and work with these stakeholders to advance a more sustainable tourism system in the Andalucía region.

Málaga will be supported by the Coalition’s six global NGOs (the Center for Responsible Travel, Destination Stewardship Center, Green Destinations, Sustainable Travel International, Tourism Cares, and the Travel Foundation), each with specialist knowledge and tools, to shape a workplan for 2023-24 and beyond. This is an opportunity to put into practice the 13 guiding principles of the Coalition, which put destination needs at the centre of tourism decision-making.
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