Finally getting a chance to cook, and boy does it feel good!
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Finally getting a chance to cook, and boy does it feel good!
Lockdown feasting
Hey friends,

How are you going?

And, if you're in Adelaide, or one of the other places currently locking-down, what have you been up to? I'm especially curious to hear what you've been cooking and eating. One, because I want new inspiration. Two, because I just love knowing what people are doing. It's like going to an open house when you have no intention of buying the place, just so you can have a perv at what someone's house is like.

Food is likely on my brain because cooking is my go-to when things are stressful or when I'm trying to get some 'me' time. I can be completely knackered at the end of a big work day and still want to cook dinner. There's something soothing about my hands and brain working in tandem, and getting to eat something delicious at the end of it. Good stuff. 

The soothing practice of cooking is something I inherited. Here's an excerpt from my thesis (100% a draft right now, but I'm keen to share some bits and pieces!) about the person who gifted me my love of cooking, my mum:
This whirlwind style of cooking is also the reason I rarely follow recipes, instead just getting inspiration from images on Pinterest or making things up and hoping they work. Luckily my slap-dash meals work out far more than they don't. And sometimes they even come close to Mum's magic cooking.

I'll share some of the food I've cooked & eaten this 5 days of wintery lock down (plus a sneaky take-away or two) below.

Until next time,



P.S. Facebook sent me a targeted ad for this mug this week...
Very relevant considering last week's newsletter about my least favourite budgeting tip, haha. Here's the link to the mug, and the Reductress article of the same name.
P.P.S. My other fave stress-busting activity is walking. Not much of a chance to do that with the rain this week, but I did get to see this beauty framing my house:
I hope you get some lovely rays of light (both literal and metaphorical) this coming week.

Delish dishes

Pumpkin & mushroom risotto (before I topped it with goat's cheese, mmmm). I make a big batch because...
I make arancini balls made with the leftover risotto. This time I served them with pesto and balsamic glazed greens. This combo is my current fave mid-week treat.
Beyond burgers, chippies, and slaw. Can't do it without a brioche. Related to last week's chat about budgets, I like to make homemade chips but if using frozen ones, John has been doing half sweet potato/half white potato. It stretches out the more expensive sweet potato fries but is still darn delish.
I'm bloody love salads, even in winter. This one was just everything we had in the fridge (mostly greens, chicken, and lemon-y dressing). I find that adding something fatty like nuts or avocado makes it that much more filling.
My lovely friend Shannon gave me lemons (throwback to the newsletter before last) before lockdown. I made lemon cake to bring to uni this week, which obviously didn't happen. What a win for John and I, though, because we have eaten a slice everyday this week.
Jackfruit nachos! I am incredibly obsessed with jackfruit, I keep my cupboard well-stocked with cans. I also kinda *love* soggy nachos. I know, sue me.
Minestrone for the soul (with crusty sourdough, heck yeah). I have started adding kale to my usual recipe and it slaps. John said he didn't think he liked minestrone, but this won him over.
Two-Bit Villains is so freaking boss. I had the eggplant parmi burger (current special), potato gems (otherwise known as taterrr tawts), and a handmade strawberry soda.
And, drumroll please, final food on this list is KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower) tacos inspired by my faves from Hispanic Mechanic. I loosely followed this recipe and - a shock to all who know me - I made it spicy. That's right, I'm a grown up. I had a glass of soy milk on hand but damn these were delicious.
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