Happy Easter
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Happy Easter from Bayside Catholic Mission
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Sacred Heart East Timor Appeal
We thank everyone for supporting us in 2022 We find ourselves in need for prizes this year to support scholarships. Do you have a talent to be shared, a craft, a holiday house that could be lent for a few days, or creative suggestion?
Contact Heather 0408522725
Guess the Jar
See our young adults after Masses and Services at each Church location to enter this competition! Winner will receive the jar and be contacted on Easter Day.
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Archbishop Comensoli’s Easter Message 2023: ‘Recognised, healed and sent’
In his Easter message this year, Archbishop Peter A Comensoli draws our attention to three important things that flow from the resurrection. Like Mary in the garden, we are recognised by the risen Christ, who knows us intimately; we are invited to share in his healing peace; and we are sent out in his name, so that we might share these gifts with others, living ‘each day illumined by his resurrection, as the reason for our hope’.
Good Friday Holy Land Collection
Holy Land resources can be downloaded here: http://holylandfranciscansaustralia.org/resources/
Easter Decorations
Be Fearless, Be Joyful, Be Renewed: Living the Spirit of Easter

The Easter season—beginning on Easter Sunday and continuing for 50 days—is an opportunity for us to cultivate a spirit that defines who we are as Christians. So what does living the spirit of the Easter season mean in practical terms? Here are three concrete suggestions.

UDisciple Podcast - Iconography in Holy Week with Sr Mary Helen and Anna Krohn OAM. 
Anna Krohn leads us into Holy Week by highlighting three key moments where the beauty of the Church’s liturgy captures our imagination, helping us enter more fully into the Paschal Mystery.
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