At the heart of the Beatitudes is the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the outpouring of the charisms!
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At the origin of the Community of the Beatitudes was the experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit and the outpouring of the charisms. This is neither a one-off nor a passing experience, it is intended to remain, to be communicated and to spread. It is part of the catholicity of the Church that we profess in the Creed.

Without the experience of Pentecost, the Christian life remains lifeless, fades, or becomes rigid. This can be observed all throughout the history of the Church with its intense and unexpected periods of ‘revival’, and the times of falling away, the lethargy that is seen here and there, accompanied by a lessening of faith and of prayer and a loss of ardour in charity.

But when the Holy Spirit is invoked anew, the fire is rekindled, with its communications (He 2:3-4; 10:5), praise and prophecies, signs and wonders. The first sign are the groups and communities of prayer which were very soon called to spread and give witness. Our Popes have all recognised that these are the spearheads of the new evangelisation. 

Thanks to the ministry of preaching, the Word activates a living faith, stimulates the flourishing of the charisms, enlivens the Church, and is deployed, in a new way, in evangelisation. This, therefore, is the permanent sign of Pentecost.

This year, on 25th May 2023, the Community of the Beatitudes celebrated 50 years of existence. Join us in thanksgiving for this Jubilee in the joy of the Risen Lord who pours out the ‘Spirit without measure’ (Jn 3:34).

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Testimony: Beatitudes Aspirants, Rebecca and Michael Loretz were in Blagnac for Pentecost and the 50th Jubilee Celebrations!

A trip to France with four of our children to discover more fully the beautiful charism of the Community of the Beatitudes is for our family a dream come true - but what we have experienced with the brothers, sisters and lay people of the Community from all over the world gathered at Blagnac to celebrate Pentecost and the Community's 50th jubilee, is without doubt a special gift of love from God.

Arriving at the Mother House of the Beatitudes was like a family reunion! Brothers and Sisters and families from different houses, regions, and countries embracing in joyous encounters - and for us it was a special joy to meet up with Sr Thérèse again.

The Bishop of Toulouse celebrated the jubilee Mass and praised the special charism of the Beatitudes as a special gift to the Church.

Then, a few days later, the Community came together once more for the vigil of Pentecost. The prayerful sound of people from all states of life singing together and praying in tongues gave way into spontaneous prayer and a beautiful time of the laying on of hands for healing and peace.

We are so grateful to have been able to be with the Community in France at this time, and especially for the great fire of love that has overflowed from the heart of God to His people this Pentecost!

- Michael and Rebecca Loretz
Pictures above: 1. Jubilee Celebrations    2. Pentecost vigil.  (Blagnac, France)
NEWS:   We farewell Fr Gregoire Vidal in June

In late June, the New Zealand house farewells Fr Gregoire who is to return to France. Fr Gregoire joined the New Zealand house of the Beatitudes in Leithfield early in 2019, moving to Leithfield after a decade in the Denver House in the USA.
 At a Sunday Mass in late May, Fr Gregoire explained, "The reason I am leaving is because of you!" Speaking to a congregation of nearly 100 people, Fr Gregoire reminded us that immediately before his arrival in New Zealand, the Beatitudes presence was very small with only three sisters, and no brothers or lay members. The presence of a Community priest has made it possible to build an apostolate with Mass everyday and regular times of confession. The flourishing of the Community and its apostolate in recent years has made it possible for Fr Gregoire to return to France.
 Even with the upcoming departure of Fr Gregoire and the recent departure of Sr Thérèse, the Community is now a larger presence in New Zealand and is represented in each state of life, with four sisters, two brother priests and some lay members.
 Fr Gregoire will be missed by all. There will be a chance to say farewell to him after Mass on Sunday 18th June with a shared lunch at the Pilgrim Shelter following the 12pm Mass. All welcome.

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