September 15, 2023
How to contact Lakeview
Main office phone number (414) 766-5252
Principal - Chris Sepersky
Secretaries - Jennifer Jende and Elsa Scardino
You may find our emails on the
Lakeview website
How do you help 282 students all follow the "rules"?
Have you ever hosted a big birthday party for your child - one of those parties where you invite many, many friends and they all come to your house for several hours?  Many families say to our teachers, "I don't know how you do it."  First of all, it takes a lot of training and solid relationship building to establish the wonderful classroom environments that we have at Lakeview.  And we use something called "PBIS" - Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports - to create a school-wide environment of high expectations. 

This starts with actually teaching our students our way of how to have lunch, how to walk in hallways, come to the health room, enjoy recess safety, and ... yes ... even use the bathrooms correctly.  Take lunch for example:  Every family has different styles and "rules" for eating at home.  Some might eat at a table, some might eat by the TV, some might make everyone clean up their own mess, some not.  By teaching every student the "Lakeview way" of eating lunch on the first days of school, it goes smoothly for the rest of the year.   And when something goes wrong, it is a teachable moment to reteach and practice the expectation.  Last year by doing this, nearly 80% of our students never needed any correction or extra learning about our expectations the ENTIRE YEAR. I can tell you we are off to a great start for this year as well!

Just think of that - 8 out of 10 kids at Lakeview last year did exactly what we needed them to do all year without a teacher ever reminding them.  No yelling out in class, no saying mean things to others, etc.  All of this allows us to focus more on learning which is the reason we are actually in school together.

Our PBIS chart is below (or click here for a larger version).  Every student learns and practices this, and our teachers actually make charts like this with student for their own individual classrooms as well. 
It isn't magic - it isn't easy - and your children are amazing!
Fall Conferences
Wednesday October 18th from 4pm-8pm
Thursday October 19th from 4pm-8pm
Each year, we have two "official" chances for families to meet with teachers to talk about your student(s). This year's fall conferences are a month away. Please sign up for a conference with each child's teacher.
Our goal is to meet with EVERY family. You can help us meet our goal and get valuable information about your child's growth by signing up right away.
The link takes you to a Sign-up Genius (same as in the past), but please notice that the first page that opens is Mrs. Zoellner's 1st grade class. For all other classes, you must scroll across the tabs at the top to find your child's homeroom teacher.
Click here to sign up for Fall Conferences
Lakeview spirit wear order
This benefits the Lakeview PTO, so we really encourage you to purchase - we have some nice tie-dye options this year! Be sure to click on the various items because there are other colors and tie-dye options that you only see if you click on the item first.  Online store closes on September 24. Order and pay online and it is delivered to school.
Click here to order Lakeview spirit wear (due Sept 24)
September Matters ~ Be Where it Counts!
Every day of learning matters and good attendance is the law.
The truth is this: we miss your children when they are not at school.  Students should ONLY stay home if truly sick.  Students that have a sniffle or a slightly rumbly tummy can be in school, the same as an adult that goes to work even though we might not be 100%.   

So far, 241 of our students at Lakeview (85%) have not missed ANY days of school.
34 students (12%) have missed one day, and 7 students (3%) have missed 2 or more days.

249 of our students (88%) have not been late to school at all in the first two weeks of school!
School starts at 8:30, and the playground is open at 8:15.  Come early and play with friends.

For more information about attendance and for an easy way to submit absences for your child(ren) online, please
see this page on the Lakeview website.

Kids Flu Vaccine Clinic


    Deer Creek Intermediate School in St. Francis
September 21st from 3:00pm-6:00pm

 Lakeview Elementary School in South Milwaukee
 September 27th From 3:45pm-6:30pm

The South Milwaukee St. Francis Health Department is hosting 2 vaccine clinics in September where children 6 months-18 years can receive a flu shot and those 10 years and older can receive a Tdap vaccine for free.
Kids can come dressed as their favorite superhero.  

Below is a link to sign up for an appointment time for BOTH locations
Vaccine Clinic Sign Up Genius
Annual Notices
Each year, there are a number of legal, annual notices that we provide to families.  This contains some official information about how we, as a school and district, conduct the work of educating students.  For instance, there is information about instructional standards, assessments, attendance, and more.  There is information about how we communicate and service a variety of student needs including students experiencing homelessness, English-language learners, and students with special needs.  
Title I Compact (agreement)
As a school that receives federal Title I funds for providing services to students that receive free & reduced lunch, we provide this annual compact or agreement of our roles as an educational community. 
Click here to access the Title I compact
Need to report an absence?

If you need to report your child/ren absent, early pick up, or late arrival please let the office know by calling (414) 766-5252 or by completing the form below.
Report an Absence
Library volunteers needed

Our library is looking for volunteers to come in some mornings to help shelve books! Our librarian will give you a tour of the library so you’re familiar with where the books belong. This can be as little as 15 minutes or as much as a couple hours. If you’re interested, contact 
alarue@sdsm.k12.wi.us or the Lakeview office and ask for Angela. 
First Meeting is
Thursday September 21st
7pm in Lakeview Library
A parent teacher organization gives parents and teachers the opportunity to work together to supplement and enrich the educational experience. The Lakeview PTO has sponsored: playground equipment, field trips/buses, dances, family nights, etc. 
Join us on September 21st and learn more about this years events and how you can help!
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