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Despite capturing 90% of America's oil refining (and reducing the price of oil by 86%), John D. Rockefeller maintained the same goal, "The best . . . at the lowest price." From his earliest days, Rockefeller said, “I was trained to work, to save, and to give.” In living out his values, he demonstrated the very mindset that serves performers today - process over outcome. Check out this excellent brief biography to learn more about Rockefeller.

Suffice it to say, spring in Las Vegas hasn't felt like spring. It's been cold, windy, wet, and even snowy. We cancelled a golf match last week due to graupel covering the greens. While the easy response is to complain, my golf team is using the obstacle as an opportunity. They're learning how to play in inclement weather and how to focus on the controllables. For those of us traveling to Scotland this summer, it's a preview of the squalls we might encounter. We'll be unfazed by anything that comes our way. My team may not like the weather, but it's a reminder of two wise adages. The first comes from Maya Angelou, "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude," and the second was a favorite of Abraham Lincoln, "This too shall pass." On that note, it might reach 90 on Monday.

One of my favorite parts of the NCAA basketball tournament is getting introduced to lesser-known coaches. This year's standout is Furman University coach Bob Richey. Every podcast or interview that I've listened to has me reaching for a pen to record another thought or insight. Here are some of my favorite ideas:
  • Culture is derived from the Latin term cultura, or growing. Thus, culture is the process of growth.
  • Values are not values until they are tested.
  • The All 'DIN (Deliberate Improvement Now) academy teaches incoming freshmen the culture, offensive and defensive terminology, how to lift, and how to communicate.
  • In the Further the Man program, Furman teaches its players how to lead, serve, communicate, present, and be life-long learners.
  • Grow people, and the player will get better for it.
  • The way to get where you want to go is to make where you are better.
  • The pressure to win can be daunting, so Coach Richey says to himself before every game, "My job is to help people be their best."
  • The point of a timeout is to realign to the standard.
  • The best offense is the one your players will run when you're not there.
Go check out a podcast or interview with him as soon as you can.

Many of my athletes like to say, "He's got that dawg in him," to describe a competitive, mentally tough athlete who gets the job done when the game is on the line. When Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh heard his players use the same term, he defined it as DAWG: Disciplined Athlete With Grit.
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