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"War is 90% information." While Napoleon Bonaparte was speaking about the battlefield and his enemy, I would suggest it also applies to ourselves. As Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War, "Know yourself, and you will win all battles." Investing the time to learn what works (and doesn't), for both you and and your opponents, will pay rich dividends.
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At South Dakota State University, head football coach John Stiegelmeier is a legend. Coach Stig has many mantras, or sayings, that he uses with his team. Mantras are a form of self-talk, and  the one that stands out to me is "Last Play." It has two meanings: 1) Play as if each snap will be your last play. Exerting six seconds of relentless effort is a mindset, a choice; and 2) Put the last play behind you. The simple and effective message, coupled with the visual reminder on the back of the helmet, is a stellar example of how to use a mantra.
As we approach the end of the year, it's natural to reflect on the past and look towards the future. Our culture tends to push doing more and more, and it's easy to fall into that trap when setting goals. Instead, I'd encourage you to consider the concept of Weniger, aber Besser.  Translated from the German, it means Less, but better and was a core design principle of Dieter Rams at Braun. 

Identify what really moves the needle (remember WIN?), and make that your focus. Start stripping away the non-essentials, and you'll find more time and space to refine your craft. The beauty of the principle is that applies to everything that resolutions are made for - work, play, diet, exercise, etc. When you resolve to do less, you'll actually accomplish more.
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