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<<First Name>>, Here's another 90% quote: “Ninety percent of the whole rehab is mental,” said NBA All-Star Paul George. “You’re doing the same stuff, day after day, that gets tiring. It’s tedious work rehabbing. That was really the whole battle was how do I keep motivation.”  If anyone would know, it’s Paul, who suffered a compound tib-fib fracture in 2014 during Team USA’s scrimmage at the Thomas & Mack center.
The latest episodes in our series on success behaviors are out on The Ripple Tank podcast. What's a success behavior? It's the actions that "good" students, athletes, or employees utilize on a regular basis. While they might seem like common sense, they're not so common anymore.  Check out the two episodes on Keeping Up and Listening.
I loved the insights shared by April Ross and Alix Klineman in their appearance on the Finding Mastery podcast.  Take 4:41 and listen to their thought process for closing out matches and resetting their attention.  It's as good as gold.
Many of the teams I work with are approaching post-season play. One skill we've been working on is a recovery breath. It works like this: Take a long, deep breath in through your nose. When it feels like you can’t breathe any more air in, rapidly sniff as hard as you can.

The science, described by Dr. Andrew Huberman at Stanford, is this: "When you double inhale, you inflate and fill the sacs in your lungs with air, and this forces carbon dioxide out of your blood and into the lungs so it can be removed when you breathe out. Breathing in isn’t only about taking in oxygen, it is about responding to the sensors in your brain detecting that carbon dioxide levels have gone up. Stress causes carbon dioxide to spike, and doing the “proper sigh” lowers that CO2 level so that your mind and bodily stress can go down. To the best of my knowledge, this is the fastest way to de-stress."
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