Create Automated Collections with Product Metafields 
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And we're back! I hope your 2023 is off to a productive start. Here's some great content to help you start off the new year right.

News & Articles

Create Automated Collections with Product Metafields
It's now possible to create an automated collection using product metafields! Variant metafields are also available. In this video, we'll do a quick demonstration on how to add a fast and simple product metafield, update those metafields with the bulk editor for products, and then create our automated collections with the new metafield values.
Coding a Shopify header section from scratch
In this video we learn how to make a full fledged Shopify heading section complete with settings
Commerce Components by Shopify
Enterprise retailers can now build with the same components Shopify uses to power 10% of all US ecommerce—including the world’s best-converting checkout and fastest storefronts.
An Interactive Guide to Flexbox in CSS
Flexbox is a remarkably powerful layout mode. When we truly understand how it works, we can build dynamic layouts that respond automatically, rearranging themselves as-needed.
Migrating our Largest Mobile App to React Native
In 2020, we announced that React Native is the future of mobile at Shopify and since then we’ve been migrating all our native mobile apps to React Native. Since each app is different, there is no single approach that works for all of them. So, we evaluated all the possible options for each app and chose the ones that best suit their needs.
A New Job Board for the Shopify Ecosystem
Work With Shop is a new niche job board designed and built especially for the Shopify ecosystem. Browse our currently listed jobs (including project managers, developers, and strategists) or post your own for as little as $99 for 30 days.
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Code & Tools

CSS Infinite Slider Flipping Through Polaroid Images
In the last article, we made a pretty cool little slider (or “carousel” if that’s what you prefer) that rotates in a circular direction. This time we are going to make one that flips through a stack of Polaroid images.
Ruby one-liners cookbook
A shell utility like bash provides built-in commands and scripting features to make it easier to solve and automate various tasks. External *nix commands like grep, sed, awk, sort, find, parallel etc can be combined to work with each other. Depending upon your familiarity with those tools, you can either use ruby as a single replacement or complement them for specific use cases.
Pitchfork: Shopify's Optimized Ruby HTTP Server
pitchfork is a preforking HTTP server for Rack applications designed to minimize memory usage by maximizing Copy-on-Write performance. Like unicorn (of which pitchfork is a derivative), it is designed to only serve fast clients on low-latency, high-bandwidth connections and take advantage of features in Unix/Unix-like kernels. Slow clients should only be served by placing a reverse proxy capable of fully buffering both the request and response in between pitchfork and slow clients.
Test webhook topics and streamlining webhook failure emails
You’ll now be able to trigger a webhook test payload to a specified destination directly from the CLI. Previously, developers needed to create a dev store and manually click around with an app installed in order to test their app logic. This manual process added significant time and friction to the development loop. With this new feature, it’ll be easy to test your subscriptions for each topic, so you can see what the payload will look like before your app is in production.


There have been a ton of changelog entries since January first. Rather than list them all here I encourage you to take a quick peek to make sure you don't miss something important!


What's the big deal about Accessibility and those plug-in thingys? - January 24th
You may or may not have heard about accessibility and those overlays or plugins like Accessibe. Shopify is making Accessibility a top priority. Should you – the store or agency owner – make it your top priority? What are some of the things you need to understand? Join us on January 24, 2023, at 1 pm pacific as our speaker, Christine Laikind fills us in on all the details at our next Shopify Meetup Portland. The event is completely virtual and we welcome everyone no matter where you live to join us.