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"Knowing I only get five hours has made me more intentional with my to-do list: 

I assign priorities better, say no more, and sign up only for the necessary meetings. I'm working smarter, not harder. 

The same tasks also visibly take less time to complete now. 

I can write a well-researched 2,000-3,000 word article in half the time, which gives me more time to grow my business."
Parkinson’s law states that work (and everything else) expands to fill the time you give it.

So why not strategically limit your work hours and let your work adapt to the time you give it, rather than the other way around?

Make your transition to shorter days as seamless as possible with these 5 tips for shifting to 5-hour work days.
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If you’re drowning in a sea of business and personal development podcasts (like I am), switch it up via this carefully curated roundup of the best podcasts of 2021.

I’ve already unearthed a couple of hidden gems via this list (Forever Is a Long Time and 70 Over 70, if you're curious).
To make the shift to working fewer hours, you need a system to help you use your limited work time intentionally.

One of the most popular systems — the Pomodoro Technique — doesn’t work for my work because it's inherently disruptive.

You too? Interstitial journaling may be worth a shot.

It’s a mindful, self-led approach to productivity that retains the main benefits of pomodoros (precise time tracking, eliminating multitasking and encouraging breaks), minus the rigid interruptions.

This video* will help you figure out if interstitial journaling is right for you, and how to start using it to structure your day.

*If you don't use Roam
, stop watching at 4 mins.
Taking your side business to the next level — without it sucking up all of your free time — can be tricky.

Here are 7 ways to create systems and processes that make your work time work harder for you, from creating SOPs to creating scalable products and investing in the right kinds of marketing.
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This is like a time machine for tunes. 🎶

Choose a country, a decade, a vibe — and you’re immediately transported.

(Check it out if you’re musically curious.)

H/T Jocelyn K. Glei.
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