6 tools to grow your Shopify app 
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6 tools to grow your Shopify app
In its first year of existence, our app went from 0 to 100+ clients. To achieve this, the key was to continuously iterate: on our value proposition, our UX, our landing page, and so on. In each round of iteration, we learnt a lot. Two main things allowed us to grasp valuable insights: talking to our clients and learning about them through the use of specific tools. Here are 6 tools we use every week to grow our Shopify app.
Linking alternative products using metafields in Shopify
You’ve seen a grid of alternative colours for products on a product description page before and in fact I’ve described how to achieve this in Shopify using tags. This is one that instead of using the product variants, uses individual products per colour. Now you can also use Shopify’s new metafield definitions to do this as well.
How to Create an Effective eCommerce Customer Journey Map
A customer journey map—the visual representation of a customer’s experience and touchpoints—is vital if you want to build an efficient process and lasting relationships with your audience. To help you create your own effective journey map, we’ve compiled a list of seven steps you can follow to help move customers from point A to point B.
Shopify Apps Are Destroying Your Page Speed
Shopify expert performs a detailed page speed audit of a slow Shopify product page. This product page has terrible page speed, and is the perfect example of what we want to avoid. When your page is loading slow, you need to audit the page to see which apps are installed, and which components are slowing down your page. We must dedicate ourselves to page speed optimization.
Adding Payment Icons under Add to Cart Button
It's easy to move the payment icons from your footer to elsewhere on your page by using the custom liquid section in Shopify 2.0. We can also re-align them using CSS.
Know someone ready to sell their Shopify store?
Get $5k every time you refer someone who sells their store. Plus, they'll get $5k on top of their purchase price from your referral link. Merchants choose OpenStore's speedy pricing process and cash payment upfront. They simply connect their Shopify store, answer 3 simple questions and get a price in 24hrs.

Code & Tools

The easy way to do the Shopify Storefront API (graphql with fetch)
Everyone loves to talk about how graphql is the next best thing since sliced bread 🍞, but when you try to get started with it, it can sometimes feel like like an uphill battle 🏔 with dependancies and libraries just to make the call in the first place. Well, I'm here to make your life a lot easier - specifically for the Shopify Storefront API 🙌. We'll walk through the steps to set up your shop with the access, create the graphql query, and then call the query with Javascript Fetch.
React I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down
I'm not a first-time JS lover. I've had long adventures with jQuery, Backbone.js, and Angular.js before you. I knew what I could expect from a relationship with a JavaScript framework: Better UIs, more productivity, and a smoother developer experience - but also the frustrations of having to constantly change the way I think about my code to match the framework's mindset.
How to Turn Your Ruby on Rails Project Into a Shopify App
For the past few weeks, I spend my time turning a Rails project into a Shopify app and… it can be a pain. So I documented what worked and what didn’t and I hope this guide will make your introduction to Shopify app development at least a little bit easier



GraphQL Admin API now supports custom content by market that is not language based
As of September 19, 2022, you can use a new set of endpoints in the GraphQL Admin API 2022-10 version to surface custom content to buyers in a specific market that is not language based.


Preview theme app extensions using Shopify CLI
As of Shopify CLI version 3.13.0, you can now preview theme app extensions by running the dev command. Shopify CLI supports hot reloading for theme app extensions, so you can avoid refreshing the browser after making changes.


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Tip of the Week

payment_button Liquid Filter

Need to generate an HTML container to host dynamic checkout buttons for a product? Look no further than the payment_button liquid filter. Just make sure you use on the form object within a product form.