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Welcome to the 23-24 School Year!
We've had a great start to the new school year.  We have the BEST students, staff, and families at Lakeview.  This is truly a team effort and many of us at Lakeview feel this has been the best start to our school year.  Many people ask, "What can I do to help my student at home?"  Here are a three important ideas for this year:

Be at school!  Consistent, positive attendance is incredibly important.  Students should only stay home if they are truly sick.  Please schedule vacations and appointments outside of school days as much as possible.  Every day of school matters - even for our youngest learners - so please be here every day!

Use the Lakeview expectations at home.  Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Engaged are the three rules for Lakeview.  Everything fits into those 3 categories, so feel free to use the same language at home. 

Encourage your student to be a learner.  Students who take ownership of their learning grow and achieve more.  A school is just a building - nobody gets smart just by walking in the door - we have to work at it together.  Encourage your student to ask questions, think creatively, and love learning!
School Safety
Like all schools, we practice for a variety of emergency situations that can happen during a school day.  Today (Friday), Lakeview practiced two safety drills.  One was a "Secure" drill practices for a situation where teaching and learning can continue, and the other was a "Lockdown" drill in which staff and students shelter.

We take safety very seriously.  Our exterior doors are locked at all times and our secure vestible requires guests to check in and register in the office before gaining entry to the school.  We will also practice fire drills and severe weather drills this year on a regular basis.
Click here for more information about school safety in South Milwaukee
Picture days are next week
Pictures for 5K-5th grade will be next week Wednesday.  Click here for the link to order.  All questions about photo orders should be directed to the photography company, Scholastic Reflections.  

4K does not have school on early release Wednesdays.  That means 4K pictures will be on Thursday, September 14 right away in the morning.
Picture Day Online Orders
Family Survey
We are excited to get some feedback from you as we work to understand from everyone's perspective what is going well in our schools and where we can work together to make some improvements.  We are asking that you give us your thoughts and feedback on last school year. Please answer the questions based on the school and grade level that your child/ren were in during the 22-23 school year.
 We will share the results of the survey later in the fall with all stakeholders. We appreciate your feedback and support!
Please note that the survey will be available through Tuesday, September 12, 2023.
Family Survey
Lakeview spirit wear order
This benefits the Lakeview PTO, so I really encourage this one - we have some nice tie-dye options this year. Be sure to click on the various items because there are other colors and tie-dye options that you only see if you click on the item first.  Online store closes on September 24. Order and pay online and it is delivered to school.
Click here to order Lakeview spirit wear (due Sept 24)
SM Rocket spirit wear order 
This benefits middle school student council.  Again, click on items because you can choose colors as well as what type of writing/logo appears on the item.  This one closes sooner - on September 11.  Order and pay online and it is delivered to school.

Click here to order Rocket spirit wear (due Sept 11)
September Matters ~ Be Where it Counts!
When it comes to learning and attendance, September matters.
The research says that students that are here consistently in September are usually here consistently the entire year.  And students that miss too many days in September tend to miss more days the rest of the year.  So we are asking families to make extra efforts this September to have your student(s) in school every day unless truly sick.  We will be focusing more on attendance this year, both by celebrating positive attendance as well as reaching out to families of students who are missing too many days to talk about how we can help establish positive attendance.  Here are some things to keep in mind:
• On average, students should not miss more than one day of school per month. 
• Students should always be on time by 8:30 each day and stay until 3:35.
• If your student is not going to be at school, a parent/guardian MUST contact school to let us know.  A "no call, no show" absence is regarded as "unexcused".
• If your student has medical needs that are impacting attendance, it is important to connect with our health team.  We can help with any medical situation, but most conditions do not excuse excessive absences.  

For more information about attendance and for an easy way to submit absences for your child(ren) online, please
see this page on the Lakeview website.

Kids Flu Vaccine Clinic


    Deer Creek Intermediate School in St. Francis
September 21st from 3:00pm-6:00pm

 Lakeview Elementary School in South Milwaukee
 September 27th From 3:45pm-6:30pm

The South Milwaukee St. Francis Health Department is hosting 2 vaccine clinics in September where children 6 months-18 years can receive a flu shot and those 10 years and older can receive a Tdap vaccine for free.
Kids can come dressed as their favorite superhero.  

Below is a link to sign up for an appointment time for BOTH locations
Vaccine Clinic Sign Up Genius
Need to report an absence?
If you need to report your child/ren absent, early pick up, or late arrival please let the office know by calling (414) 766-5252 or by completing the form below.

Report an Absence
GIRLS ON THE RUN is a 10-week afterschool program available for 3rd-5th grade girls.  The girls will increase their physical activity levels and learn important life skills.  The season ends with a celebratory 5K event in November. 
Program Starts: Week of September 11th
Program Location: E. W. Luther
Practice Schedule: Mondays & Wednesdays at 4pm
Girls on the Run Flyer
Girls on the Run Registration
First Meeting is
Thursday September 21st
7pm in Lakeview Library
A parent teacher organization gives parents and teachers the opportunity to work together to supplement and enrich the educational experience. The Lakeview PTO has sponsored: playground equipment, field trips/buses, dances, family nights, etc. 
Join us on September 21st and learn more about this years events and how you can help!
Thank you!
Thank you to the following community groups who donated school supplies to Lakeview this year.  We appreciate the generosity of people near and far who help make sure that every student is well-prepared to learn this school year.  Thank you to:
Trinity Lutheran Church in South Milwaukee
The Ladies Auxiliary of the South Milwaukee KC's
Discover Church in Oak Creek

Sorce Martial Arts in South Milwaukee
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