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:: 01·07·2021 ::

Expiring Domains ( | Pending Delete |  2 days to place backorder (NameJet/Snapnames, Dropcatch, etal)

Idea: Sell new or vintage casino/poker chips. Branch into tables & chairs eventually. | GoDaddy Auctions | Auction ends on Jan. 16th, 2021

Idea: Partner with a handful of craft winemakers, and ship monthly bottles to customers. | GoDaddy Auctions | Ends on Jan. 15th, 2021

Idea: Workout accountability partner online. Either web-based or app based. | GoDaddy Auctions | Ends on Jan. 14th, 2021

Idea: Teach job seekers how to write a proper resume.

Private Domain Inventory ~ $32,000| Net Income Ventures

Idea: Create a niche eCommerce site selling high-end lard to at-home bakers & professional pastry chefs.

More on the advantages of lard here:

Joint Venture Opportunities

Owners of the domains listed below have expressed interest in a joint venture with either business development or web development experts. | Owner looking to partner to help develop this potential eCommerce play selling curated bbq rubs & spices.

contact Richard at: [email protected] | Owner is looking to partner on online educational platform & lead-gen for bartending school.

contact Dillon at: [email protected] | Owner looking to partner with someone to develop online marketplace of mold inspectors.

contact Laith at: [email protected]



Do you own a premium domain name, and looking to joint-venture with a developer to build it out? Reply to this email, and submit 1-5 .com domains. If they're a match, I'll consider adding to the GDDO newsletter free of charge.

Here's hoping all domains are developed one day ...

- Peter Askew   |

   Worth Noting   

Regarding expiring domains, please note original owners may renew a domain before the auction completes, so there may be cases where a domain fails to sell, and its auction cancelled. This is normal (albeit rare), and the be expected from time to time. Also, caveat emptor applies to all domain name suggestions. I highly suggest you utilize to ensure the domain you consider is trademark free.

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