New video link included after YouTube disabled yesterday's video. 

Since our weekly Newsletter went out yesterday, YouTube has disabled the video that was featured in it and the Supreme Court of the United States has dismissed the Texas-initiated lawsuit aimed at addressing voter fraud that swung the election away from President Trump. These events inspired us to send a supplemental Newsletter today. 

First, and most importantly, we'd like to share a brief video that was recorded and posted today. Please watch and then share it while there is still an opportunity for state legislators to stand, lead, and take action at this critical time.

While the above links are to the YouTube posting of the video, we've also uploaded the clip to our BitChute channel and Instagram feed. If the YouTube version is taken down, you can access the BitChute version of the video here. (You can also subscribe to our BitChute channel here.)

The video that YouTube disabled at its site is still very much alive at BitChute and can be seen here. The audio version of the podcast upon which the video was based can also still be heard at The Stand Up and Lead Podcast here. Please subscribe to these additional media channels if you haven't already so that we can connect with you even when the likes of Google and YouTube would rather that we didn't.

Has there been any cheating in the 2020 American election, or was it free and fair?  

Yesterday I published a video outlining a legal case brought by 20 American States to the US Supreme Court.   The video was suddenly removed by YouTube after having 14 times fewer linkages than YouTube was providing to America’s legacy media giants like CNN, NBC, CBS and FOX, which have been publishing approved headlines and content endorsed by the political Left.

This week YouTube “called” the election for Joe Biden, and developed new policies and algorithms called “Supporting the 2020 US Election.”  One new policy: “We also disallow content alleging widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of a historical U.S. Presidential election.” The Google subsidiary claims an interest in “connecting viewers to authoritative content,” which is content that lines up with the politically correct narrative of the authoritarian leaders of America ’s socialist elite.  This is what YouTube considers authoritative content:   

CNN – Donald Trump desperately wants you to believe the only reason Joe Biden won the 2020 election by so many votes was because it was the “most fraudulent election in history.”  Trump served up his latest variation of this fallacy on Fox Business on Sunday morning, saying “we have so much evidence” to support his claims but the judges “won’t allow us” to submit it. That’s a lie. The truth is Trump’s lawyers have had numerous opportunities to present the so-called evidence of voter fraud, but haven’t. Why? Simple. There is no such evidence.

NBC News – There is no evidence of voter fraud or other irregularities that could substantially impact the election, 16 federal prosecutors charged with investigating election crimes have said in a letter to Attorney General William Barr, NBC News reported.

Fox News – There is so far no evidence of massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election as President Trump has claimed. So far, you’re not seeing the kind of mass fraud of a scale that would be enough to overturn an election that would lead to victory.

News Week – An official with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) said Saturday morning there is “no evidence” of voter fraud, instead  praising state and local officials and poll workers for running an election during the coronavirus pandemic.

If YouTube destroys all dissenting opinion, how will that build confidence that America’s electoral process is honest and trustworthy?  In a one-sentence promise, YouTube leads us to believe that “news coverage and commentary on these issues can remain on our site if there’s sufficient education, documentary, scientific or artistic context.”

My informative educational commentary was written to document events and facts, and has disappeared from the platform.  We will appeal the decision.

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Thank you.  I will continue to post on YouTube until they remove everything. If that happens you can find my video commentary on BitChute (with additional options in the works).

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