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Hello and welcome back one and all,

After we slam dunked our way through the previous week, we've had this week to catch up on some riveting reads. Before we dive into our library of essential literature for this week, we wanted to draw your attention to our key services du jour. CAST – Commercial Analysis Software Tool – the answer to your marketing strategy you didn't know existed. Please refer below. And also, the importance of solid website development. It's just not about the outward facade, either. More on that below, too.

In 'Shaping Tomorrow' we look at the royals of the hour – following the notorious CBS documentary: Oprah with Meghan and Harry. Who are the most unpopular royals right now? Find out. And in other important insights, Statista reveals the state of job recovery since the pandemic hit.

We loved the 'Ocean of Books' piece from Arts Experiments –which you'll find in 'Diversions' – where you can explore the best of literature both past and present in an interactive map.

And we thought we'd give you the sage words of Dolly Parton to close this week. She's relevant to every industry, she is.

Team E.

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Have you ever wondered where all your data truly goes? And how it is then used to understand your world? Data isn't just about funnelling it through a behemoth machine for coding and analytical purposes – it plays a part in human sciences. Our Commercial Analysis Software Tool (CAST) is the 'why' engine which offers deep insight and clarity on the status quo. Data on its own has the ability to report on people’s real behaviour. But that data is not very meaningful in itself if it does not reveal any big insights, unless you apply the contextual understanding to it – which is how CAST operates.

It produces a real-time situational analysis on your world – the world that you and your company revolve in and the world at large – and how they interact. With this knowledge you can evolve and effect change to meet the status quo. The approach, models and methodologies developed in CAST have been verified by the U.S. Government and independent bodies as having over 90% accuracy in predicting and shaping thousands of political, social, economic and business outcomes. This is social engineering at its slickest and most accurate.




We are living in an age where technology underpins progress and growth. According to research, seven of the world’s ten most valuable companies rely primarily on digital platforms. And the foundation for all pioneering digital platforms, is the backbone of a website. But we get it, coming up with the concept and cultivating it to completion is a tall order when you don't have the skill set – the ideas and creativity yes, but the technicalities are the nuts and bolts of an effective website. Website development is extremely vital part of any marketing strategy. A common belief today is that social media platforms have replaced the need for a conventional website but that simply is not the case.



Our website development services can incorporate all online interactions into one consolidated space as a content hub. And we won't just take care of the shop front, we can help with all the nitty gritty back end bits to ensure your website traffic is on form. Coding, HTML, SEO and Analytics – we got you covered.



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We’re always on the look out for dynamic change makers, disruptors and new information to fuel our own dexterity and creativity. So, this section sees a few of our recent picks on how the world’s outlook is changing. We hope these little nuggets will help you land on that 'aha!' moment you were looking for!

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EVOKE International
EVOKE International



We know everyone says it's not all work, it's about play, too – and as much as we don't want to sound like a broken record, there is truth in the truism. Like we said earlier, we are all about ingesting the complex and the trivial in equal measure. In fact, we love nothing more than thinking deeply about the more 'playful' things in life. Read ' em and ponder away.

Evoke International Dubai - PR, Strategic Communication, Marketing, Design

Mens Journal

Bucket-List Golf Courses You Can Drive To From Anywhere in the U.S.


If you’re longing for a golf trip but aren’t quite ready to risk the airport in an ongoing pandemic.

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Evoke International Dubai - PR, Strategic Communication, Marketing, Design

Arts Experiments

An Ocean of Books


An interactive map with your favorite authors and many you probably have yet to discover.

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Evoke International Dubai - PR, Strategic Communication, Marketing, Design


Outrunning The Past


A man's complicated relationship with running and the importance of mental fortitude.

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Teen titans sure look different in this day and age. Hark back to these OGs for the real deal

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All hail the Queen of music and insightful musings.

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View from the top of paradise.

EVOKE - The Outlook




Well, we could just stare at this all day long. Thanks for being you, Iceland.

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