In the first of a new series, we sit down with Martyn Reding and discuss how to navigate business context
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Issue 014

Interview: Martyn Reding, Founder of Design Leaders Studio
Video, audio and transcription formats available.

After much planning, recording and editing, the first episode of a new interview series from Designers in Business is ready for subscribers.

In this series we'll sit down with a broad range of voices from across the design and business spectrum. Each episode features an expert guest who shares our interest in exploring the ways designers can build business confidence.

Episode 1: Martyn Reding

Our first guest is Martyn RedingMartyn is an experienced Design Leader, who is currently Chief Design Officer at Upzelo and Founder of the Design Leaders Studio.

Cover image of interview with Martyn Reding
In this interview we discuss...

  • How a little business acumen can go a long way for designers
  • How to bridge the design and business culture gap
  • Martyn's lessons scaling design teams in different business contexts

You can enjoy this interview in either video, audio, or transcription format.

I'd love to hear your feedback on this new content. If you enjoyed the interview, have any thoughts on topics we should cover in future, or want to suggest a guest, please feel free to get in touch or hit reply on this email.

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See you next time!

Tom Prior
Curator of Designers in Business
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