How to Connect Shopify to Google Analytics 4 
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Connect Google Analytics 4 with Shopify
The long-awaited Google Analytics 4 and Shopify integration is available via the Google Sales Channel App. Keep in mind that this integration, much like Universal Analytics, connects the property to your Shopify store. You still need to determine if more setup in Google Analytics 4 is required.
How To Add Transparent Header in Dawn 8.0
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to add a transparent header to your Shopify Dawn Theme Version 8.0. A transparent header is a great way to give your online store a modern and sleek look, and it can help highlight your brand's logo and menu options. Plus, it's easy to implement with just a few simple steps!
How to work with Metafields when building Shopify themes
When building Shopify themes it's important to empower merchants to express their brand without sacrificing ease of use, by balancing flexibility and simplicity. This is where metafields can play a major role in customizing storefront experiences.
My thoughts after trying to port a Shopify store from NextJS to Shopify Hydrogen
I like trying out new things and this is why I thought I'll give Shopify Hydrogen a shot and recreate the shop using it. In this article, I want to share my experiences and thoughts after a few days of coding in Hydrogen.
Adding custom fonts to a Shopify theme
In this video you'll learn how to add custom fonts to any Shopify theme.

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A beginner’s guide to manual accessibility testing
Manual accessibility testing means going through your website or software like a real user with a disability would. That means using assistive technology, a keyboard, and zooming to make sure it’s accessible. It can seem intimidating, but once you know how, manual accessibility testing can become quicker and easier.
Redirect Shopify Forms
Our goal here is to be able to redirect our shopify forms to another url within our site. In this example we will redirect the Customer Registration Form
Why You Need To Learn Liquid in 2023 and it's not just because SHOPIFY!!!
Liquid is essential for doing theme development in Shopify. But learning Liquid has other advantages outside of the Shopify ecosystem.
How to add days to date in Shopify liquid
Sometimes you need to add two dates together. Or perhaps you need to add a set number of days to today's date (e.g. showing a future delivery date). Here is the solution to add days to the current date or desired date using Shopify liquid.
Data Types in Liquid
Here's a gentle introduction to the six different types of data that are available to us in Liquid


Lead Shopify Designer & Developer - Canada, Remote
We’re hiring a full-time Lead Shopify Designer and Developer to manage the end-to-end store builds (from simple theme configurations to complex custom Plus stores) while collaborating with our cross-functional marketing and customer service teams to enable our “Full Circle Approach to Digital Marketing” methodology.
React Developer - Full Time Remote, Anywhere
We are looking for an experienced React developer to join our team to help scale up our products, implement our development plans and respond more quickly to feature requests from our growing user base.