"Could You Ever Love Me Again" #1 in Canada
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Issue #11 - 13th November 2023
RPM Weekly 17-Nov-73
It Was 50 Years Ago This Week...
    This marvelous song written by Gary Weeks and Dave Beckett, "Could You Ever Love Me Again" (Axe Records AXE 10), made the slow climb during the summer of 1973 on Canada's radio stations, picking up fans and sales. By September, radio stations in cities like Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver boosted airplay when Gary And Dave joined the Stampeders cross-country concert tour and drove the sales and chart action to the top in mid-November.

     Many tours and appearances followed - including their national CBC variety show in 1977. They enjoyed performing and their stage act could only be described as ‘controlled lunacy’ with Weeks as the straight man to Beckett’s comedic antics. Between tours they flew as first officer pilots for the Air Transit & Air Canada STOL flights between Ottawa and Montreal. 

     Releases worldwide by London Records resulted in charts and sales success notably in the US and Australia (#7). Their string of hits include:"Here It Comes Again" (1973), "I Fell In Love With You Sometime" (1974), "It Might As Well Rain Until September" (1974), I May Never See You Again" (1974), "All In The Past" (1975), "I Can't Find The Words" (1975), "It's Alright, My Darling" (1976) and 2 albums, "Together" & "Forever".
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The "Could You Ever Love Me Again" Story
 ...on Canada’s RPM singles chart longer than any other Canadian record before or since, the song attaining #1 in November 1973 and staying on the charts for 27 weeks...
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Gary And Dave Photo
Gary And Dave - still flying
Gary Weeks was born in PEI and Dave Beckett in Toronto and in the early 60’s they met and shared their mutual aspirations for music and flying. Gary and Dave seemed to work best as...
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