How to use Tailwind CSS in a Shopify Hydrogen Project 
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How to use Tailwind CSS in a Shopify Hydrogen Project - YouTube
In this video, we take a Hydrogen project with standard “Pure or Plain CSS”, replace the styling with Tailwind and in the process learn how to use this powerful framework to help us transform the way we write CSS in the context of a Shopify Hydrogen project.
How Fast Are Shopify Stores?
I am the creator of a Shopify real user monitoring tool, Speed Check. As a result, I have access to a database of around 50,000 Shopify store web performance data points. Relative to the big players that get millions of views a day, this data seems insignificant, but it is certainly enough to do a bit of analysis.
Adding Payment Icons under Add to Cart Button
It's easy to move the payment icons from your footer to elsewhere on your page by using the custom liquid section in Shopify 2.0. We can also re-align them using CSS.
Fully Customizable Klaviyo Legacy Embedded Email Signup Form in Shopify
Today, we gonna learn a new trick in Shopify, we will learn how to create customizable embedded email signup using an Ajax call.
Using ShopifyQL in Notebooks
ShopifyQL is Shopify’s query language built for commerce. Query languages are used to request and retrieve data from databases. You can use ShopifyQL with Shopify’s Notebooks app to explore your own business's database and retrieve the data that gives you a more in-depth understanding of your business.

Code & Tools

Introducing Turbopack: Rust-based successor to Webpack
Each time we moved from a JavaScript-based tool to a Rust-based one, we saw enormous improvements. We migrated away from Babel, which resulted in 17x faster transpilation. We replaced Terser, which resulted in 6x faster minification to reduce load times and bandwidth usage. There was one hurdle left: Webpack. Webpack has been downloaded over 3 billion times. It’s become an integral part of building the Web, but it's time to go faster and scale without limits. Today, we’re launching Turbopack: our successor to Webpack.
Spreadsheet Architect (Rails)
Spreadsheet Architect is a library that allows you to create XLSX, ODS, or CSV spreadsheets super easily from ActiveRecord relations, plain Ruby objects, or tabular data.
ShopifyQL Notebooks (app)
ShopifyQL Notebooks help you bring together metrics from different business domains so you can explore, visualize and analyze shop data to make better business decisions. Your data exploration is guided by ShopifyQL - an intelligent query language that has commerce syntax built into it. You can now write simple queries to quickly get access to data and add business context via images or text, all within a single interface.
Looping in Liquid
In this tutorial taking an in-depth look at all the options available to us when we loop over arrays in Liquid.
Shopify Formatted Address for React
While working on a project using Polaris (Shopify’s admin component library), I found the need for a generic React component; capable of localizing address form fields, populating country and region select inputs, and reflowing the form inputs based on the expected layout of the locale. While Polaris provides the tools to render the form fields, it lacks the capability to adjust the layout based on localized data.