Ballito deals that are worth the calories, Putin's invasion explained and a gnocchi recipe worth trying!
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Artist: M U T I
Hey, Nic here

I’ve decided to hijack this week's intro to the newsletter because, why not? Friday is finally upon us once again, and that also means another issue of The Weekender has majestically crash-landed in your inbox. 

The blue Ballito sky is out (not actually blue skies, 60% chance of rain today but oh well) and yes, it’s slowly growing on me. I’ve only been here a month and I’ve come to realise that Ballito is not just a town, but rather a lifestyle, or a place where life intersects style or style intersects life? Safe to say…I like it here, not to mention the endless amount of mouth-watering eateries at the Lifestyle Centre that definitely aren't helping me get back into shape. 

3 things that are worth the calories 
- Spar’s sushi on a Tuesday at Lifestyle Centre
- Bird 'n Co's chicken strips
- Sasol's Bunny Chow opposite Tiffany’s

Now for this weeks issue of The Weekender.

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A lifestyle brand committed to conservation
Ellie and May
Ellie & May is a lifestyle apparel brand committed to conservation and the love of adventure. Each and every Ellie & May purchase contributes towards and raises awareness about elephant conservation in Africa. And if that wasn’t enough, each cap comes with an Ellie & May sticker for you to spread the love.
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Amy Ayanda 
Artist bursting with colour.
Amy Ayanda
We adore Cape Town artist Amy Ayanda, whose work positively bursts with colour! Amy has been steadily building a reputation as one of South Africa's most exciting artists, and she has just released a new series, the Flower Collection, with prints and originals available on her website. Take a look!
Dear Rae Jewellery 
Handcrafted, exquisitely made jewellery
Dear Rae
Local jeweller Dear Rae makes handcrafted, exquisitely made jewellery designed to be loved forever. Founded by Capetonian Karin Matthee, Dear Rae's signature designs are as beautiful as they are affordable. 
WORTHY 5: Leah Acampora 
Five recommendations by Radio personality and host of Mornings on the move.
Dave Charles
A recipe worth trying: 
This is my Italian Mum-in-Law's, recipe and words of advice for the perfect home-made Gnocchi! Check it out here
A book worth reading:
Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. If you are not a runner you'll want to become one after reading Born to Run - a first-hand account of how Christopher rediscovered his ability to run by finding and running with the ancient Taramahura people in the Copper Canyons, Mexico.
A concept worth understanding:
**Energy!** Call me a nerd but understanding the laws of energy has helped form the basis of my spirituality. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”- I am atoms, I am energy, therefore I am eternal.
A question worth asking:
 “Does this align with my values and future goals?” I try to make it a habit to ask this question before committing to anything significant. It helps me avoid overcommitments, burnout and stay in tune with my authentic self.
A podcast worth listening to:
TED Talks, The War in Ukraine could change everything | Yuval Noah Harari. If you’d like to understand what the war waged against Ukraine is about but feel that politics is a subject that goes over your head then give this episode of TedTalks a listen. It’s simple to understand and offers clarity on the Putin agenda.
pick of what we've been listening to and a read that's caught our eye.
The Moth: Occasional Magic 

Based on the award-winning podcast dedicated to the art of storytelling, “The Moth: Occasional Magic” features 50 true stories of people defying the impossible, as told live at The Moth story slams across the world. It is a wonderful read – sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes funny, always memorable and very difficult to put down!
King" by Florence + the Machine  →

This week we are loving the new single from British songstress extraordinaire, Florence + the Machine. “King” sees Florence Welch back in full form and full voice. Is the single a sign that a new album is on the way? We sure hope so!  
A curated selection of good reads
Every Day is Mother's Day  🎁
If you enjoyed the smash hit TV series "Pose", you’ll be happy to hear that ball culture is alive and well in South Africa. But sometimes being yourself and living your truth has dire consequences. In this article, L&S feature writer Dan Charles writes about Kirvan Fortuin, his life, art and tragic passing. Read more
A Cut Above the Rest 🪴
The ancient art of Japanese Bonsai has been around for over 2000 years. In modern times, Bonsai enthusiasts around the world cultivate this exquisite living artform for future generations to enjoy, including members of the Ballito Bonsai club. Read more about them here! Read more
What is Glitter? ✨
We loved this brilliant article from the New York Times about somethings none of us have ever thought much about – glitter. Turns out, the world of glitter manufacture is a fascinating, top-secret world of corporate espionage, secret recipes, shady clients and a whole lot of science. A very enjoyable read. Read more →
Putin's invasion of Ukraine, explained🔮
Russia’s invasion of its neighbour Ukraine shook the world this week. This article from Vox gives a great explanation of why it happened, and what’ll happen next. Read more →
Aesthetically pleasing images from opposites ends of South Africa
Cape Town by Elsa Bleda
Durban by Elsa Bleda
Overhead on the podcast this week: 
In this episode, CLG picks the brain of the fiery redhead goddess, Genna-Wae Webster: the creative mastermind of the clothing brand Wae West. Genna is a free-spirit, a lover of fur children and believes that living positively is as much a choice as it is what we are compelled to do for an abundant existence... Get ready to dive deep as CLG and Genna unpack some interesting tools for how to live your best, most unashamedly authentic life.

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