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A question for fathers, husbands, bosses, military leaders, fund managers, sheriffs and other leaders

How are you doing at assessing the times and making decisions which affect those depending on you?  Test yourself. Examine a dozen current events, below.  

How clearly can you think about them with discernment and independence of mind?  Are you attacking the challenge with mental vigor?  Or, are you simply putting it off because you know truthful facts are almost impossible to find?  Have you decided to just go along to get along, and to avoid the punishments awaiting the dissident?

I ask these questions because truth is at stake here.  Your integrity is at stake.  And so are the details of public policy.  Citizens will be forced to think in even more dangerous ways and do PC things if leaders like you do not lead decisively in the right direction.  So, how’s your leadership?  It starts with your assessment of today's affairs. 

How much do you tend to rely on information coming to you from the ideological climate of your surroundings?  How aware are you that the climate of public opinion and mainstream thought has become runaway intellectual hysteria and long-term manipulation?  When you default to notions of “reality,” are you even close to reality?  Are you in a world of truth, or the artificial world of engineered public opinion? 

True or False?

1.      The more government medical agencies intervene in public health, the better. We can trust them with any drug or vaccine that receives official FDA approval. Pharmaceutical dangers are simply not there. 

2.      The dangers of germs like Covid19 could kill us all, so we really need emergency government intervention now.

3.      Critics of today’s Covid vaccines should be more trusting of government intentions, and of medical science.  Pharmaceutical dangers are very low.

4.      Reluctant anti-vaxxers should be bribed with government funds to give-in now and take it immediately, because we need 100% compliance with the new vaccines.  This is the only way we can get universal protection. 

5.      The stimulus checks will stimulate every American business to get back up to normal.

6.      The US and UN should not criticize Hamas for shelling Israeli civilian neighborhoods.

7.      People who think there was organized election cheating in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or anywhere else, might be part of a right-wing insurrection.

8.      The auditors in Arizona should give up because there is no need for an audit and the authorities will not cooperate anyway.

9.      Turkish military aggression has nothing to do with Islam.

10.   Ransomware hacking is just part of doing business if you are a big bad corporation or big bad utility.  Your insurance company needs to pay any and all ransom demands immediately.

11.   Military leaders in the US and France should not criticize the direction of government policies because their job is simply to obey -- to blindly obey any order because that is what military leaders do.   

12.   Even if the vaccine turns out to be a genocidal disaster, and millions die, it will be a positive, net gain for our suffering planet.  There are just too many people.  

How capably can you research the truth and defend the truth?

1.      Big Pharma has an abysmal record.  There are more than 100,000 deaths per year from properly administered pharmaceutical drugs in hospitals.

2.      The survival rate for a Covid infection is above 99%.  99% of the government mandates to control the population have been politically weaponized to be medically unnecessary and socially destructive.  Leaders need to put an end to widespread fear and mass, blind compliance. 

3.      The ingredients of the vaccines have not been honestly or professionally disclosed, nor have the vaccines been properly tested on human subjects.  The government and big tech are covering up tens of thousands of reported adverse reactions in vaxxed individuals, and related reactions in those who were not vaxxed.  Short term dangers are fatal, and long term dangers are unknown.

4.      Behind the rush to achieve full population vaccination is a political motive. The political (not medical) urgency should have been a warning to the entire population to wait on getting the injection.   

5.      Each new check represents a new dollar value which is plummeting. The checks are training a segment of the population to become dependent on undeserved welfare instead of deserved financial reward.  The checks ruin both the currency and the economy.

6.      Terror acts of all kinds are being excused or encouraged by the new Administration.  Unpunished terror breeds yet more ambitious terror along with greater chaos and destabilization.

7.      Relentless prosecution of the criminally uncooperative would yield a final audit result, but it appears that Republican politicians will stop short of a moral and legal confrontation.  It appears there will be no completed audit. 

8.      Public pressure is on Republicans to capitulate and accept voting “irregularities” as part of the new normal.  Concerned citizens of all parties must use every legal remedy to complete the audit and publicize results.

9.      Erdogan wants a new militant reincarnation of a world supremacist Caliphate.  He envisions Turkey leading the way to world military domination of orthodox Islam – and the subjugation of every nation.

10.   Extortioners are not noble wealth distributors.  They commit serious crimes, some of which are capital. Every minute a utility is down, and every dollar lost to theft harms innocent populations.

11.   Constitution-minded military leaders in the U.S. and France are reminding today’s leaders that they are committing unconstitutional acts which undermine the very civilizational values the militaries are inclined to uphold at great personal cost.  Here is the simple request to their government leaders: enforce the existing laws and bring order back to our nations, or the coming chaos will bring civil war.

12.   No.  Small, limited governments could manage dynamic, productive economies in free nations which could support a world population more than three times today’s population.


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