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Migrant Careers Support Trust Newsletter | June 2023       View this email in your browser
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Greetings from the Migrant Careers Support Trust!

In recent months, we have seen a lot of activities as we have organised and conducted workshops to empower individuals and organisations in navigating the ever-changing business landscape. Our focus has included a significant workshop on business continuity planning, ensuring our clients are well-prepared to tackle challenges, particularly those stemming from natural disasters.

We are elated to share the resounding success of our job seekers boot camp workshop, which has played a crucial role in instilling confidence and securing meaningful employment for individuals in New Zealand. We owe a debt of gratitude to our incredible community for their unwavering support, enabling us to collaborate with local organisations and make a positive impact.

Moving forward, our commitment remains steadfast in providing valuable insights, expert guidance, and abundant growth opportunities. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

Keep in touch with our social media channels, for regular updates, announcements, and job postings.

Garry Gupta
Chairperson, Migrant Careers Support Trust

Workshop on Business Continuity Planning
Migrant Careers Support Trust concluded a successful workshop on Business Continuity Planning at Mahatma Gandhi Centre, this week.

This event was facilitated by EMA and Ron Lal of Momentum Mind Labs.and hosted by Auckland Indian Association Inc. and New Zealand Indian Central Association.

The discussion uncovered the strategies and mindset required to navigate through adversity, reduce costs and build a business that can withstand any future disaster.

We continue to support migrant businesses to achieve success in their careers, through workshops like these.

For more images from the workshop please see the link - 
Job Seekers Boot Camp
Job seekers boot camp is an event that aims to provide support and guidance to individuals looking for employment. The primary objective is to help migrant job seekers overcome barriers to employment and improve their chances of success in the job market.

The seminar covered a wide range of topics, including resume writing, cover letter writing, interview skills, networking, time management, and career development. It also addressed common challenges faced by migrant job seekers, such as language and cultural barriers, lack of knowledge of local job markets, discrimination, and limited access to resources.

A special thanks to all the industry professionals and career coaches for their contribution to the community by sharing their knowledge and providing guidance to job seekers.

For more images from the seminar please click here: 

Career Clinic
Have you been struggling to get a personal consultation with some career experts?

 We offer FREE personalized guidance and support to individuals seeking career development. The clinic provides resources, workshops, and consultations to help with resume writing, interview preparation, networking, and skill enhancement, enabling individuals to make informed career decisions and achieve their goals.
Every Candidate gets 3 different sessions of 1 hour each, with a registered career counsellor; (and has 2 months to complete the counselling.) 
This is an ongoing program.
All you have to do is to register your name with us and start your journey. 


Why do ethnic minorities find it difficult to succeed in the corporate world?

Ethnic minorities can face unique challenges in the corporate world that make it difficult for them to succeed. Very often we hear someone has worked hard to reach till middle-level management and they are not able to break the glass ceiling. 

It is important to acknowledge these issues and be aware of them, as it is only then can we work towards removing them from the workplace. 

There are many reasons why this happens, but with my experience, I can break them into some manageable chunks.

Article by Garry Gupta 
Immigration update from Kiwiana Immigration
As per the latest report published by Immigration New Zealand, they have received over 35,000 student visa applications from different parts of the world out of which approximately 16% of the applications are from India.

No wonder, people’s interest towards New Zealand as a study destination has increased since the borders have re-opened, and there are multiple factors behind the same such as introduction to different residence pathways, green list course options etc. In addition to these factors how well NZ has played during the pandemic & acknowledged the contribution of migrants is also playing a significant part.

Though the volume of applications has increased, the overall approval rate from India is just over 60%. Majority of the students are applying for PTEs and Te Pukenga (NZIST) where the approval rate is just 51.8% and 68.3%. Approval rate for those applying with universities is 85.2% but only 1623 applications were lodged with universities.

As per our experience, the applicants applying for Bachelors, PG and Masters are being given an advantage and the approval rate is also high. Those who are applying for undergraduate diploma level programs such as Cookery, Bakery, Healthcare, Business, IT etc are being interviewed by the INZ officers to ensure only the quality students are granted a visa.

In some cases we have seen unfair declines as well based on the bonafide, financials etc. I believe INZ needs to develop the consistency in the decision making as this has always been the issue.

For more Information contact:
Pawandeep Singh
Director & Principal Adviser, IAA 201801110
+64-09-3926370 | 
Experience of a Migrant
My sister used to live in Auckland and I had the good fortune of visiting this amazing country twice in the past in 2010 and 2013. That’s when my wife and I decided that we would try and migrate to NZ after I completed the mandatory service period in the Indian military. I retired in Aug 2021 while NZ borders were still closed.
In March 2022 we saw a ray of hope when the NZ government announced the reopening of borders in phases.  Luckily for us, 1 year later, the borders were fully opened for immigrants and we relocated to Auckland at end of Oct 2022.

- Colonel Mridul Nair (Retired )
New Zealand Careers Expo
The NZ Career Expos, running from 11th May to 28th June, facilitate direct interactions between employers, industry professionals, and training providers, and young individuals who are actively considering their future career paths

By bringing together key stakeholders in one location, the expos provide an opportunity for young people to explore diverse career options and establish meaningful connections that can contribute to their future success.
Creating ownership & leadership at work: Online session with Nish Pai
Migrant Careers Support Trust organised a webinar for mid-level managers on 'Creating ownership and leadership at work'.

Fostering ownership and leadership at work is essential for a productive and positive environment.

Ownership instills initiative, accountability, and excellence in employees, while effective leadership provides direction, empowerment, and a culture of trust. Encouraging ownership and offering growth opportunities unlocks potential, drives innovation, and cultivates collective success.

Watch our past webinar videos

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