Join FCG, LOMAA, Print Pop, and Brown & Dickson's Bookmobile on Saturday, August 26
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Sights & Sounds Festival:
An Art Party Along Dundas
Saturday, August 26th

We are excited to welcome you to Sights & Sounds Festival: An Art Party Along Dundas!

Join FCG, LOMAA, and Print Pop! on Saturday August 26, 2023 from 11am-5pm for a series of events happening in downtown London. There will be live music by way of Forest City Gallery’s Hear There series, 5 sound artworks to experience as part of LOMAA’s Resounding Peripheries series, and a Print Pop vendor market with The Bookmobile by Brown & Dickson!

All events are open to the public and free to attend, please see details for specific time and locations. The different events have various access points so please message for any accessibility questions.
Forest City Gallery’s Hear There
With music by Jelli

Market Lane Stage (Between 131 and 141 Dundas St)
Josh Ellison, aka Jelli, is a diverse music producer with roots in Orchestral, Metal, Electronic, and Hip-Hop music currently operating a recording studio in downtown London, Ontario, helping local artists shape their musical creations. His musical background, education and dedication to continuous learning set him apart as a producer, striving to create emotionally engaging music that leaves a lasting impact on listeners' hearts. Jelli cherishes the process of creation and aims to craft music that resonates deeply with his soul and leaves a lasting legacy in the music industry.

For this event: there will be a few microphones armed which will capture street sounds or any invited interactions with attendees, which Jelli will remix and integrate into broader electronic music he creates throughout the event.

Developed in 2013, Hear Here is Forest City Gallery’s commitment to honouring London’s contemporary musical history. By providing a safe and accessible space for performance, Hear Here looks to champion events that offer a multitude of musical genres and artistic performance. Hear Here is programmed by a volunteer committee and chaired by the Hear Here Chair, who sits on the Board of Directors of Forest City Gallery. Forest City Gallery’s Hear Here series has been generously supported by Chris and Lina Bowden through both the Cambria Foundation and the Bowden Family Fund through the London Community Foundation.
LOMAA’s Resounding Peripheries:
Sound Art Across Regional Ontario
With works by Anahi Gonzalez, Czarina Mendoza, Sheri Osden Nault, Debbie Ebanks Schlums, and Eeva Siivonen

Sheri Osden Nault: Sharing relationships to Deshkan Ziibi (and others)
Conversation beginning on Museum London’s back lawns (Behind 421 Ridout St N)

Czarina Mendoza: Landmarks of Endurance
Performance in Museum London’s Lecture Theatre (421 Ridout St N)

Debbie Ebanks Schlums: Dead and Wake
Installation at Satellite Project Space (121 Dundas St)
With Vibratactiles from VibraFusionLab

Eeva Siivonen: We are not lost from us
Installation at 140 Dundas St

Anahí González: from here to there; from there to here
Available at LOMAA’s Print Pop table and around London ON

Please visit for more information and online components of the series!

LOMAA’s Resounding Peripheries: Sound Art Across Regional Ontario re-envisions London’s recent designation as a UNESCO city of music through the exploration of alternative sonic possibilities from this regional area and others within the province. The series represents cutting-edge practices and projects that engage the nexus of sound art and performance, expanded sonic interactivity, sound aesthetics, and embodied listening. 

Print Pop! Vendor Market

Market Lane Stage (Between 131 and 141 Dundas St)
Print Pop! is a print media centric vendor market that showcases local and regional printmakers, illustrators and zine creators.
This event has been made possible through the generous support of Dundas Place, London Arts Council through the City of London's Community Arts Investment Program, Museum London, Ontario Arts Council, Satellite Project Space, Western University’s Visual Arts Department, VibraFusionLab as well as our dedicated organizers and volunteers.
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