Poulsbo Sons of Norway April 2023 Maaken
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April 2023
Sons of Norway Mission Statement
 The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic countries, and to provide quality insurance and financial products to its members. 
Lodge Office Phone - 360-779-5209
Trolls' Den Phone - 360-779-2384

Temporary Office Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 10-2
(While Christine is on maternity leave)
Poulsbo Son's of Norway 2-44 - President's Message
The following is the speech I prepared for Building Association Auction on March 18, 2023:
Thank you for coming and supporting this grand lodge building this evening. I can tell that you are all enthused and ready to support, however is needed. What an encouragement it is to see you all here, doing what you can to keep this facility running well for the use of the lodge efforts. Again I thank each one of the members, the building association board, and others in the community at large for supporting us.  Tussen tak!
I am not able to tell you how the lodge started in 1916. It was about 20 years after Sons of Norway began offering Norwegian immigrants life insurance to keep their families secure. From there Norwegian Americans from across the country were getting together fraternally to share in their common ancestry and language to enjoy and be together for food and drink and reminiscing about the old country. I suppose at first there was no building, just a few families getting together to build one. At some point 60 years ago, the lodge members decided to move from the building two doors down to purchase the old hotel property here and build this lodge for the members to grow into and enjoy. And I think I can say from seeing all of you tonight, that we enjoy it today very much!
The thing is that if not for the foresight and determination of our predecessors so many years ago, we wouldn’t have this beautiful spot. I don’t take it for granted, we have been given a gift. And we take no credit for what we have. We only mean to honor and preserve what has been entrusted to us. Only 1/3 of the lodges in the Sons of Norway have a building to own. So it’s a regular occurrence to operate a lodge without a building or a building association. When you meet members from other lodges who used to have a building but had to sell it because it was too costly in time or money to operate, you sense a bit of sadness of what they used to have. We don’t want to feel that way I think. No.
The operation of the lodge in its business is key. The bar business in the Trolls’ Den, the hall rentals, the cultural food stands, the festivals and celebrations throughout the year. Poulsbo relies on us to provide that touch of Norway that brings people here, to live and to visit. So you all can understand what’s at stake when we need to fund the operation of the lodge, but also the structure it resides in.
So let’s keep on with this club fraternal, that we have a place that is here, in little Norway, 107 years after that small band of families started us off. Let’s not let them down, as we remember their sacrifice and joy, in their humanity and heritage as Norwegian Americans.
Paul Anunson
Poulsbo Sons of Norway
This Old Lodge
News from the Building Association
WOW for the first time the Building Association held an Auction for THIS  OLD LODGE ! !!  What an event, a great time was had by all!!  Just ask anyone who was there.    The BA raised just over $34 k.  This money will be used for needed repairs with in the Lodge.  I can not thank enough the Auction team, they did a fantastic job! Thanks to the donation and support from lodge members, The Vikings and all the great local business. It is going to be an annual event. If the walls could talk THIS OLD LODGE would thank them also! 

Paul Nicholson 
Building Association Chairman 
Visste Du?
(Did you know?)
2023 Lodge Board
 President – Paul Anunson
 Vice President – Scott Kankovsky
 Counselor – Tony Smallbeck
 Secretary – Helen Wytko
 Assistant Secretary  - Michelle Meng
 Treasurer - Ingrid Simms
 Membership Secretary – Mary Gerstel
 Trustee 1 – Tim Larson
 Trustee 2 – Sherry White
 Trustee 3 – Jerry Block
 Cultural Director- Alisha Anunson
 Youth Director - Kari Carlsen
 Social Director Ashley Singer
 Sports Director – Lorena Maxwell
 Publicity Director -
 Foundation Director – Beth Farley
 Auditor 1 – Karen Zabinski
 Auditor 2 – Amy Swenson
 Auditor 3 - Laura McDonough
 Editor – Joanne Graves
 Musician – Kathy Haug
 Historian – Kristi Durham
 Marshal 1 – Jaymie Cizek
 Marshal 2 - Curtis Vincent
 Greeter 1 – May Mathiesen
 Greeter 2 – Keri Kankovsky
 Building Association President - Paul Nicholson

Our Facebook Page
Experiencing the Diversity of Norwegian Music
We’ve decided that it’s time for our men’s chorus to expand. We now have a Vestre Sund Norsk Blandetkor – a “West Sound Norwegian Mixed Chorus” of women as well as men.
All people are invited to come and enjoy with us the musical culture of Norway.
We sing most Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm, in the Marine Room of the lodge. Join us!
Questions? Contact Kathy at 360-297-0791 or [email protected].
Sons of Norway Scholarships
 Poulsbo Sons of Norway Scholarship applications are on line here:
 Scholarships are available for  Post Secondary Education and Sons of Norway heritage camp.
 Scholarships will be awarded based on service to the lodge.
 Son's of Norway International Scholarship for
 2023  are now closed.  2024 scholarship information should be available in the fall.
 Leif Erickson Lodge, in Ballard, offers three camp counselor scholarships for college tuition. More information here:
In Memorium
 We remember our members who have passed away: 
John Armstrong
Eva Kasperson
Myron Kehler
Thomas Wright
Arlene Endresen
If you have recently lost a loved one or know a lodge member who has recently passed away please contact the office (360)779-5209 
Our Lodge memorial service will be in May
Weekly and Monthly events at the Lodge
Monday 4:30-7:00pm - Youth folk dancing
Mondays 6:30 - 7:45 - Informal Scandinavian music and dancing (first and third)
Thursdays at 6:00pm - Norse Room -Wood Carvers
Thursdays at 6:00pm - Trolls' Den - Trivia
Thursdays at 7:30pm - Marine Room - Men's Chorus
Fridays at 7:00am - Marine Room - Rotary Breakfast
Fridays at 10:00am - Viking Room - Needle Workers
First Tuesday - Lodge Board meeting
Second Tuesday - Lodge meeting - 7:00pm Marine Room
Second Wednesday - Building Association
Third Tuesday - Vikings
Fourth Tuesday - Ladies Book Club 1:00 (On Zoom)
Fourth Tuesday - Ingeborg Society - 6-8pm in the Viking Room
Coming Events
2 - Vern’s Famous Pancake Breakfast
5 - Member Business Networking Night - 6:30pm Viking Room
7 - Brisket dinner
14 - Chicken Cordon Bleu Dinner
23 - German Beer Day - Trolls' Den
26 - Ladies Nigth with author Johanna Wittenberg (The Norsewomen Series) 6:30 pm Viking Room
29 - Game Night -6:30pm Trolls' Den and Viking Room

5 - Cinco de Mayo Dinner
7 - Vern’s Famous Pancake Breakfast
19-21 Viking Fest

Steak Dinner
17-19 Midtsommer Festival


 18-20 Norsk Folk Dans Stemne - see flier below

15-17 - Adult Heritage Retreat at Trollhuagen - see flier below

 See below for event  details
We are looking for Friday Night Dinner volunteer crews! 
Contact Jaymie: [email protected]
See our website at poulsbosonsofnorway.com or our facebook page for the latest information
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