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When life gives you lemons...
Hello hello!

How has your week been? Mine has been bloody busy, but bloody good. When life gives you lemons... work until 10pm each night, eat your weight in bao, and sneak some secondhand shopping in. That's how the saying goes, right? Well, that's how my week went, anyway. Plus, a new camera, reading a book I'm well overdue to read, and testing some new non-alcoholic drinks.

Now that I type all that... that's a pretty fabulous week. Lucky me. They're all things to pop on the list.

I've been keeping the list (for happy things big and small!) for a few years now. I find it's the best thing to reflect on when I'm feeling low. I keep it on my phone so I can always check it, and even back it up to my computer every month. That's how serious I am about the list. Funnily enough, this newsletter feels like it might serve a similar function of chronicling happy things big and small too. Do you keep track of the small things that make life brighter? I highly recommend it. Even if some of them become cryptic a long time later ('Big W person gave me the knickers') and some of them still make me cry ('My doctor told me she was proud of me').

Let me know if you do this, or are going to start doing it. I'd love to hear your teeny-tiny or hulkingly-massive nice things from the week.

Until next week!


P.S. I have a tattoo of lemons on my shin. My friend Nat once said to me, 'You know that saying about lemons? Well, life isn't giving you lemons, it's hurtling them at you'. This stuck with me for years, and I eventually got it inked on my bod!
(Tatto by the wonderful @robin_kss on Insta)

Speaking of lemons...

This week is the first week of Dry July - I'm participating this year with my siblings. Our fundraising page is here if you feel like checking it out. Today I had a delish pink lemonade from Famous Soda Co. 
In the last few days I also had some tasty passionfruit kombucha, a lychee and apple mocktail, and lemon, lime, & bitters.
I'll continue to share yummy non-alcoholic drinks here as I drink them. Let me know if you have any favourites or recommendations!
Something new (to me)
If you know me, you know I love secondhand shopping. Something about items which have been loved & are yet to be loved amazes me. Anywhoo, I hadn't been opshopping in a while due to being bogged down with marking (and wearing WFH chic - trackies & John's jumpers - all day) but this weekend I got out and about and bought some cute bits. My favourite recent find, though, is this Gorman dress I snagged from Facebook Marketplace. I'm gravitating to the loudest, brightest, funkiest items right now. Probably to counteract all that trackie-wearing.
Finally, Didion
I don't have the luxury of non-uni reading this week, but at least I'm uni-related-reading in style? I've finally cracked the spine on Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking. It's required reading if you're into beautiful, sad stories (or if you're doing a PhD in grief writing, ha). I hadn't read it earlier as I've been focusing on Australian writers, but at only a fraction of the way through I can already see why it is beloved by many. I'll report back when I'm done!
Snazzy snaps
Okay, so the retail therapy was not confined to secondhand clothes and fancy non-alcoholic drinks... I also splashed some savings on a camera I've been lusting over for a while - the Fujifilm X100V. Now I've moved from lust to full-blown love, this camera is RAD. And it totally makes the 10pm finishes worth it. I can't wait to share some more snaps soon.
Food, food, and more food
Last but not least, this week I ate a heap of amazing Asian food. It started with these bao from Toly (at Flinders, I highly recommend the vegan pork crackling), then the vegan banquet at Golden Boy which included mushroom pancakes and sticky rice pudding (holy heck that was good food - people with allergies and dietary requirements are well looked after, too), and then a lemon-grass chicken Bahn mi from Soonta which is a go-to for me - along with the tofu/mushroom version. I could honestly eat those foods and nothing else for the rest of time.
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