News from Queer AI 🐚 Announcing Unsupervised Pleasures, a DIY community library and practice space for queering AI with friends.
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a 🐒 newsletter
by Unsupervised Pleasures
MAY 12 2022 ISSUE 1

Hello kind human,

It's Emily, from Queer AI. A long time ago, you may have signed up to get early access to test some of our chatbots or to curate erotic datasets together. You may have contacted us to share your own AI-related research, methodologies and practices or to ask about ours. You may have purchased a zine. We may even be friends!

In any case, if you're reading this email it's because you've shown care, curiosity, and support in this slow, ever-evolving work and I wanted to say thank youuuu and share some news!

πŸ“ Announcements

Today, I'm happy to announce Unsupervised Pleasures, a DIY community library and practice space for people interested in un/making things with AI using queer methodologies and other non-normative approaches.

I'm also happy to share that I've partnered with Sarah CistonΒ to bring this dream to fruition. Sarah is a PhD candidate in Media Arts and Practice at USC, working on an Intersectional AI toolkit and building community through creative-critical code. We are both (slowly) making zines, building art bots, and creating our first dataset collection together – a "love corpus" of texts and philosophies rooted in love, care and reciprocity.

Our goal with Unsupervised Pleasures is to build a sustainable model for creating and sharing small datasets and machine learning models, publishing work, hosting workshops, and extending our community to others like you – without institutions.

🐌 Coming Soon

In the coming months we will be prototyping things, sharing experiments, asking for feedback, and figuring out ways to make this email newsletter helpful and fun! So please keep an eye πŸ‘€ out.

In the meantime, please also feel free to write with any questions, comments, or requests. I'm happy to chat about anything! If email is not your thing, please find me on Twitter or Instagram.

Until soon,

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