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This is our last issue for 2022. Enjoy your holiday break and I'll see you back in early 2023.                                   

News & Articles

How to add extra customer data to Shopify orders
You might need to collect extra information from your customers, such as a birthday, pet names, or an eyeglass prescription. The best way to collect this kind of data is through customer metafields. Metafield values cannot be created or edited directly through the frontend of a Shopify theme, so if you wish for customers to modify metafield data via the storefront you’ll need to use an app, like Customer Fields.
Is Shopify Theme Developer a Viable Career Path in 2023?
CodingPhase explores whether being a Shopify Theme Developer is a Viable Career Path in 2023.
How to Design Your Own Shopify Theme
Are you ready to create your own theme? Today we're talking about the skills needed, the development process, the marketing side, and the ongoing support you should expect.
How to grow a successful Shopify App
Shopify has its own marketplace called “The Shopify App Store” where developers can build plugins. But growing an app in a marketplace is a bit different than growing a classic SaaS. This Shopify Unite 2022 talk will teach you the essential steps to grow an App on the Shopify App Store. You will learn the dos and don'ts that can make or kill your business.
Online Store 2.0: Strategies & Stories from a Plus Agency
Max Rolon dives into different strategies that Half Helix has taken to build custom theme storefronts for merchants with complex requirements. The talk focuses on Haf Helix’ journey as an agency in digesting and adopting Online Store 2.0 theme development principles, diving into specific case studies and the lessons we have learnt along the way.
Replo — Bringing Figma-level editing to Shopify
Replo is the newest kid on the block and it’s promising to say goodbye to clunky, outdated landing page builders and hello to the future of e-commerce design. Inspired by popular tools like Figma and Webflow, Replo leverages the latest web frameworks to render ultra-fast performing content on Shopify in Liquid. It comes with hundreds of pre-built templates, sections, and integrations with all your favorite Shopify apps, and is used by hundreds of teams including Hexclad, Monos, and Supply. The team is backed by YCombinator, founders of NextJS/Vercel and previously held staff/principal engineering roles at companies like Uber, Plangrid, and Yelp. Join their community and watch a 3 minute demo video here. Sign-up today:

Code & Tools

Implementing Server-Driven UI Architecture on the Shop App
Located within the Shop organization at Shopify, the Shop Store team is responsible for managing the buyer experience on the Shop App’s Store Screen—the screen where buyers can view a merchant’s products and collections. We recently implemented an architecture called server-driven UI that allows us to control which store sections we want to display for a merchant’s store. 
Need to resubmit your unlisted public apps for app store review?
Did Shopify get in touch requiring you to submit your unlisted public apps for app store review? At Gadget, we're helping hundreds of developers port their apps to the latest API requirements in order to meet the deadline. If you're looking to get this done quickly and get back to running your business, get in touch with us and we'll handhold you through the entire process.
Console log output right next to your code
One of the fastest ways to understand what your code is doing is console.log. Unfortunately, it doesn't scale - multiple log statements quickly result in obscure unmanageable output. Console Ninja is specifically designed to keep console.log easy to use while making it scalable, providing an edit & continue REPL-like debug experience.
Screenshot Creator for Product Pages
The fastest way to create screenshots of your app for product pages on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, etc. Figma Plugin
Convert any website into fully editable Figma designs. Leverage an existing website and import its html to Figma to start your own designs, without building each element from scratch.



Adding webhooks to the Subscription Billing Cycles API
As of GraphQL Admin API version 2023-01, you can use webhooks with subscription billing cycles API. We introduced subscription_billing_cycle_edits_create, subscription_billing_cycle_delete and subscription_billing_cycle_edits_update to WebhookSubscriptionTopic. We also added some new error codes to SubscriptionBillingAttemptUserError and SubscriptionBillingCycleUserError.
Plus merchants can now start building with Shopify Functions
Starting today, Shopify Functions are available to Shopify Plus brands who are not leveraging a checkout.liquid customization. This means that Plus merchants can start building their own product or order discount Functions and deploy them with a custom app. Please note that the rollout to eligible Plus shops will take a couple of weeks to complete. Plus brands that leverage a checkout.liquid customization are not eligible to use Functions at this point in time.

App Store

Updates to the Shopify App Store
On December 6, we released new designs that make it easier for developers to showcase the value of their apps and for merchants to discover the right apps for their businesses, including:
  • Optimized app listing
  • Personalized home page
  • Educational category pages
  • New story pages
We will continue to build in public, with new features rolling out over the upcoming week