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Research suggests that over 90% of brain activity is below consciousness. That means the vast majority of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors arise without consciously thinking about them. It's the brain's way of efficiently handling the myriad of inputs and choices over the course of the day. You can also begin to see why change is harder that we would like. In short, we're just starting to understand how the brain works, and that's what makes it so fascinating to me.

We are excited to welcome the Gonzaga Men's Golf team to the MC team. They kick off the spring season this week in Goodyear, AZ at the Loyola (MD) Intercollegiate. Go Zags!

At the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, 88 women entered the slalom competition. Consisting of two runs, competitors must navigate a series of gates by skiing in a zig-zag pattern. Missing a gate typically results in disqualification. Of the 88 competitors, 39 missed a gate. Lee Wen-Yi, Taiwan’s first ever Olympic alpine skier, was one of them. When she fell, she could have conceded like the other women who fell. Instead, she said to herself, "I’ve worked so hard for so long. I thought this was not OK. So I decided to stand up and climb back up.” And that's what she did. She placed 50th overall, ahead of the 38 competitors who did not finish.  This commitment to the Olympic spirit and to representing her country epitomizes what it means to be a finisher.

We breathe 18000-24000 times a day, which might make you think that there's no reason to talk about breathing. I've found, however, that most performers don't think about how to use the breath intentionally. Check out the four times during a performance that breathing should be utilized to enhance performance.
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