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CDN Roundup

March 2023


Neuroscience Career Panel

Learn practical tips for cultivating a successful career in neuroscience from our distinguished guests: Michael Beyeler @ UCSB, Ariel Rokem @ the University of Washington, and John Van Horn @ the University of Virginia. The free, virtual panel takes place on Tuesday, April 18 from 3PM - 4PM EDT / 12PM - 1PM PDT. 
This is our last career panel before we break for the summer. During the next season, which kicks off in August, we'll cover topics like applying to data science graduate and undergraduate programs. We'll also feature panelists who will provide tips for teaching and mentoring junior researchers and students. In the meantime, you can watch our previous panels on our YouTube channel. Check out the ADSA Community Blog for summaries and key takeaways.

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Torbet McNeil
Torbet McNeil, PhD Candidate at the University of Arizona
Background: Torbet earned his Bachelor’s in International Studies from Emory University and Master of Public Administration from the University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affairs. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Higher Education at the University of Arizona (UArizona). His dissertation is on data science higher education policy. He was a Graduate Research Assistant for the UArizona Libraries’ Data Science Specialist, Jeff Oliver. He was awarded a Scholarship for Education Research to participate in the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research at the University of Michigan, where he took a course on machine learning. He served as a Data Science Ambassador for the UArizona College of Education through a program run by the UArizona’s Data Science Institute.

Current Role: Torbet is a Graduate Associate with the UArizona Institute for Computation and Data-Enabled Insights. His research interests include data science education, ethics, higher education policy and administration, and interdisciplinarity. He works on public policy implications and higher education organization for data science education.

Outside of work: Torbet enjoys tennis, chess, and practicing foreign languages.

Connect with Torbet: Check out Torbet's profile in the CDN Member Directory to find out how to get in touch. He will be in the job market late summer/early fall 2023. Reach out to share opportunities or strategies for applications.

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  • ADSA launched an interactive ethics tools to examine data science research. (Data Science Ethos)
  • Informal training opportunities in data science. (ADSA)
  • The NIH encourages women of color working in or pursuing a career in STEMM to join their Women of Color Research Network (WOCRN) and LinkedIn group for networking opportunities and resources, including information about grants and career development. (NIH Women's Health)
  • NSF-supported courses and learning communities to support Inclusive STEM Teaching. (Inclusive STEM Teaching Project)
  • The subtle art of disagreeing with people, including your boss. (HBR IdeaCast; 27.5 min.)
  • Free, virtual event on strategies for inclusive mentorship in computing on Mar. 16 from 1PM - 2PM ET. (Exascale Computing Project)
  • A day in the life of a senior data scientist, including a rundown of a common step-by-step project outline. (Towards Data Science)
  • How to teach peer feedback. (Inside Higher Ed)
  • How to run a good meeting. (The Chronicle)
  • Framework for Accessible and Inclusive Teaching Materials for Statistics and Data Science Courses webinar on Mar. 21 from 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm EDT. (CAUSE)
  • So you want to be mentor (NPR Life Kit; 21 min. video)
  • Protecting Human and Planetary Health: New Unique and Necessary Roles for Health Professionals. This event, which takes place on Mar. 17, is part of the NIH Climate Change and Health Seminar Series. (NIH OBSSR)
  • How I honed my leadership skills. (Nature)
  • Designing automated workflows with Dr. Sean Kross on Mar. 28 from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET: How the kyber R package connects Google Sheets, RMarkdown, GitHub, and Agenda docs for open education. (Openscapes)
  • Can AI write your next resume or cover letter? (Inside Higher Ed)
  • Preparing data science undergrads for industry feat. David Chew and Vik Gopal. (The Data Science Education Podcast; 29.5 min.)


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