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Lessons learned: Migrating a theme to Online Store 2.0
Online Store 2.0 has been one of the biggest announcements made at Shopify Unite 2021. Many merchants have been on Shopify before this announcement was made, so one of the most common requests we have received recently is to upgrade an existing theme to a 2.0 theme. We just completed the first 2.0 theme migration, so I want to take this opportunity to share some of the lessons learned through this experience.
Introduction to the Shopify CLI
This video explains how to use Shopify CLI for app development. Shopify CLI helps you build Shopify themes and apps. It quickly generates Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and PHP apps, app extensions, Shopify Scripts (beta), and Shopify themes
The Journey to First Shopify App with Laravel
My first Shopify App is finally approved and is on the Shopify app store. In this video, I will share my journey from the idea of building the app, the development process, and the app review process. I hope you learn something new if you're building your first Shopify app.
The Front-End Developer's Guide to the Terminal
Modern front-end frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue rely heavily on the terminal. If you're not comfortable with command line interfaces, you'll struggle to run a local development server or build your application! This article is the missing manual of terminal fundamentals needed to work with modern JS frameworks like React, so you can move onto the fun stuff: building user interfaces!
Live Inventory Quantity Stock Levels
Today we will be coding a live inventory quantity counter for our Shopify store! Displaying accurate inventory quantities on your product page can help increase your store's conversion rate and add a sense of urgency!

Code & Tools

15 DevTool Secrets for JavaScript Developers
Web developers spend considerable time using browser DevTools but it’s easy to miss useful tools and techniques when dozens of updates are added every year. The following features are primarily for JavaScript coders using Chrome-based browsers but all developers will discover something useful.
Shopify CLI for themes
Shopify CLI is a command-line interface tool that helps you build Shopify apps and themes. It quickly generates Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and PHP apps, app extensions, and Shopify themes. You can also use it to automate many common development tasks. This documentation explains how to use Shopify CLI for theme development.
Some of the best tutorials for leveling up your Hotwire dev skills.
Interested in Hotwire - an alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much JavaScript by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire? Check out this twitter thread for a list of great resources.
Welcome to the next generation of ngrok
Today we are launching ngrok Cloud Edge and ngrok Secure Tunnels which transform ngrok from a developer tool into a powerful developer platform. These products not only improve ngrok for local development, but also enable developers to build and secure production applications.



Support for the XML response format is deprecated from the Admin REST API
Starting in version 2022-07, support for the XML response format and XML payloads in the Admin REST API is removed. Requests expecting an XML response will result in a 404. Requests that send an XML payload will result in a 415.


Nothing on the radar


Teifi Digital - Sr. eCommerce Expert Vancouver, BC Hybrid
Lead the planning, design, and configuring of enterprise eCommerce solutions along with our project management team based on client requirements and industry best practices.
Enavi - Full Stack Shopify App Developer, US Remote
Become part of a small growing Shopify development and CRO agency. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and create solutions you've found the right job. We are looking for a Full Stack Shopify App Developer who will be responsible for working with custom apps. The first project you will be working on is a custom subscription app
Maestrooo - Support specialist (junior position, remote)
Maestrooo is the leading Theme company on Shopify. Our themes are used by tens of thousands of merchants every year, ranging from bootstrappers to large companies, who take advantage of our beautiful design, stable code, and outstanding support. In order to cope with the constantly increasing support load, we are looking for a new support staff member who will help us to grow in a sane way.
Pivofy - Director of Operation US - Midwest (Remote) / Full Time
Pivofy is a Chicago-based boutique agency specialized in implementing end-to-end eCommerce solutions for DTC and B2B eCommerce companies. We build functional, state of the art, high-performing and results-driven eCommerce websites. We're considered leading Shopify & eCommerce industry experts but, above all, we take pride in our reputation as ethical and decent humans. We care about and appreciate our hard-working team members, and prioritize transparency and a work/life balance.

Tip of the Week

prevent cache busting by stripping query params for assets

Using asset url filters in Liquid automatically adds query parameters to your URLs

This can be useful in allowing the browser to cache specific versions of asset files but what if you don't want this and just want the plain asset file url?

Here's an approach that uses Liquid to strip off the query params:

﹛﹛ 'vendor-scripts-v8.js' | asset_url | split: '?' | first ﹜﹜