Sony Music releases world-wide 'Thundermug Strikes' compilation
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Issue 08 - 18th July 2023
Sony Promotes Thundermug
Thundermug Mug shot
     While Axe Records retained Canadian rights for all Thundermug albums, Sony Music has now launched a Thundermug Strikes compilation in the States and the rest of the world. The Sony release to all digital services (iTunes, Spotify, etc) features 11 tracks including "Africa", You Really Got Me", "Where Am I", "Bad Guy" and "Orbit". Axe Records has also made all four albums: Strikes, Orbit, Ta-Daa! & Bill, Jim & Ed available to these services for Canadian customers.

     So far, Thundermug has not received big international recognition despite celebrating over 50 years since their first release on Axe Records. Many well-respected US execs loved Thundermug but for various reasons were unable to find success. Doug Morris signed Thundermug (CEO Universal & Sony) to his Big Tree Label, Clive Davis to CBS (CEO Columbia, Arista, RCA, BMG & Sony) and Charles Fach (VP A&R) to Mercury/Polygram Records.

     Today, Thundermug's original members Bill Durst, Joe DeAngelis, Jim Corbett and Ed Pranskus are recognized world-wide as superb rock musicians -  still working and growing their fans. All albums are available on CD at the Axe Records website.
Strikes by Thundermug
The original 1972 album contains "Africa", "Where Am I", Will They Ever", "Jane J. James". Follow these Canadian links.

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Orbit Cover
Orbit CD
Ta-Daa! Cover
Ta-Da! CD
Bill, Jim & Ed Cover
Bill, Jim & Ed CD
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