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August 2023


CDN at the 2023 ADSA Annual Meeting
🎉It’s official! We have a special dedicated session for the CDN during the ADSA Annual Meeting on October 25. It will be a lunch session, so swing by for a free meal and great company!
CDN Session at the 2023 ADSA Annual Meeting in San Antonio
There's still time to register for the 2023 ADSA Annual Meeting, if you haven't already!


Data Science Master's Program Career Panel
Are you or your students interested in applying to a data science master’s program? Tune into our upcoming career panel on Wednesday, Aug. 23, from 7PM-8PM EDT / 4PM-5PM PDT to hear from recent grads for tips on applications and thriving while in the program.

For information about data science programs, check out ADSA’s 2022-2023 Member Book. Current NCSU master’s students Omry Brewster and Sophia Ma also shared 10 tips for folks who are about to apply. 
CDN Career panel on data science master's programs


Justin Kitzes
Justin Kitzes
Background: Justin Kitzes studied earth systems as an undergraduate student at Stanford and went on to earn his master’s degree from the same program. He earned his PhD in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at UC Berkeley, where he subsequently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. At BIDS, Justin was a data science fellow and a postdoctoral scholar in the Energy and Resources Group. His research focused on the development and application of quantitative approaches for predicting the effects of land use and climate change on biodiversity. 
Current Role: Justin is an Assistant Professor of biological sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. His lab, the Kitzes Lab, focuses on measuring, understanding, and predicting biodiversity loss on a planet increasingly dominated by human activities. As part of their effort to advance this area of research, his lab has developed several open source monitoring protocols and software packages.
Last year, Justin collaborated with two researchers to organize AudioXD, a meeting that convened a cross-disciplinary group of audio data scientists to share research and collaborate on tools like the ones developed by his lab. He hopes to convene another meeting in the near future. If this sounds interesting to you, reach out! You can also learn more about AudioXD, along with ImageXD and TextXD, at the ADSA Annual Meeting in October.
Outside of Work: When Justin isn’t researching, teaching, mentoring, building data science communities, and serving as a trusted advisor to organizations like ADSA, he is hanging out with his kiddos in fun places like museums and parks.
Connect with Justin: Check out Justin’s profile in the CDN Member Directory to learn more about his research and how to get in touch. 

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  • How the dual mission college model works. (Higher Ed Dive)
  • Lessons in public scholarship. (Inside Higher Ed)
  • How to 'tailor' your job applications. (UA)
  • What to do, and when, if you are applying for both academic and industry positions. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
  • Can TV make you a better stats communicator? (Sara Stoudt, Significance)
  • Students' perspective on generative AI in the classroom. (BU)
  • Recommendations for Writing a NIH Individual Predoctoral Fellowship (F31) Training Grant in Dissemination and Implementation Science. (Global Implementation Research and Applications)
  • 30 common software engineering behavioral interview questions at top tech companies. (Tech Interview Handbook)
  • What data tells us about landing a faculty job. (Inside Higher Ed)
  • How remote conferencing broadened my horizons and opened career paths. (Nature)
  • Looking for a job? Advice to land the gig. (17 min. podcast; NPR Life Kit)
  • 5 data science students share their summer internship experiences. (BU)
  • The University of Cambridge is seeking a research associate in environmental policy and AI evidence communication. Apply by Aug. 17.
  • The Data Carpentry Genomics Curriculum Advisory Committee is seeking new members, including someone to serve as committee secretary. Apply by Aug. 21.
  • Harvard Data Science Review is publishing a special issue on generative AI, titled "Future Shock: Grappling with the Generative AI Revolution." Submit by Aug. 25.
  • CINTA and NeuroTech Harbor are seeking proposals for preventative, therapeutic, or diagnostic medical devices focused on disorders of the nervous system. Awards are up to $500,000. Proprosals due by Aug. 25.
  • The US State Dept. invites students specializing in IT-related majors who are interested in a career in the Foreign Service to apply for the Foreign Affairs Information Technology Fellowship. Interested students are invited to attend an informational webinar on Aug. 29 from 2-3pm EDT.
  • Mozilla's Data Future Lab Infrastructure Fund aims to support the development of open source software needed to foster a more fair and just data ecosystem. DFL is offering awards of up to $50,000 depending on the stage of the project. Submit your letter of intent by Aug. 31.
  • The US Department of Justice is seeking a GS-14-level data scientist for their office in DC. Apply by Aug 31.
  • The Dept. of Sociology at UC Berkeley seeks applications for a tenure-track assistant professor faculty position. Next review date is Sep. 1.
  • The Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania seeks candidates for a research associate position in the academic support staff. Apply by Sep. 9.
  • NSF is seeking nominations for exceptional early-career candidates that represent the diversity of the US Nominations for the Alan T Waterman Award. Nominations must be submitted by Sep. 15.
  • The Dietlein Lab at Harvard Medical School is seeking a postdoctoral research fellow in computational cancer genomics. Apply by Sep. 16.
  • The Department of Political Science at MIT, together with the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing, seeks applicants for a position in the area of “Computation and Political Science” at the level of tenure-track assistant professor. Apply by Sep. 16.
  • The SciComm Identities Project (SCIP) is offering a 1-year fellowship for pre-tenure faculty at US institutions who identify as underrepresented racial or ethnic minorities to participate in science communication training. Apply by Sep. 18.
  • American Council of Learned Societies invites research proposals from scholars in all disciplines of the humanities and interpretive social sciences. Maximum award for fellowships is $60,000 and tenure is 6-12 months. Apply by 9PM EDT, Sep. 28.
  • The University of Toronto welcomes applications for the Eric and Wendy Schmidt AI in Science Postdoctoral Fellowship. The duration is 2 years. Apply by Oct. 2.
  • Brown University invites applications for its 2024-26 Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. Apply by Oct. 15.
  • Applications for the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program are due on Oct. 17-28. Check the deadline for your field.
  • The Department of Geography at UT Austin is accepting applications for a tenure-track assistant professor in spatial data science. The committee will begin reviewing applications on Oct. 23 and continue until the position is filled.
  • The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions is seeking a hybrid research data analyst based in Baltimore, MD.
  • The Eric & Wendy Schmidt Center for Data Science & Environment at Berkeley is seeking a research software engineer/data scientist.
  • The American Museum of Natural History (in NYC) is looking for a part-time computational thinking & data science educator to help them design and implement programming in their new Learning with Data Lab.
  • NVIDIA is seeking PhD research interns to join its fundamental generative AI research team.
  • Abrigo is seeking a principal data scientist. The position is remote or office based in Raleigh, NC, or Austin, TX.
  • The Allen Institute for AI's AllenNLP team seeks a creative Research Scientist who has a strong foundation in natural language processing. This position is remote hybrid based in the Greater Seattle area.
  • The Allen Institute for AI is accepting applications from predoctoral young investigators for the Mosaic team, which specializes in commonsense in AI. These positions is remote hybrid based in the Greater Seattle area.
  • The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Rostock, in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, seeks to fill a W1-professorship for computational social sciences.
  • IPUMS, at the University of Minnesota, is seeking a senior data analyst.
  • The Ads Data Science and Engineering team at Netflix is seeking a staff data scientist for its office in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Game Data Pros is seeking data scientists and a data analyst to advance data science initiatives and build tools to manage data, run experiments, and perform analyses.
  • The University of Chicago invites applications for faculty positions at all ranks in the area of data science.
  • The Astropy Project is seeking to hire a full-time or part-time remote research software engineer.
  • Apple is seeking a research software engineer to join its Apple Vision Pro team in Cupertino, CA.
  • Zapier is seeking a remote senior data scientists in North America and Europe.
  • The Department of Epidemiology at Columbia University is seeking a quantitative data analyst.
  • Facebook is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to join Facebook AI Research and a postdoctoral researcher to join its Central Applied Science unit. It's also seeking an AI research scientist (must have a PhD) to join the MRS (Modern Recommendation Systems) Team.
  • Sanofi is seeking a bioinformatician scientist to join their Data and Computational Sciences group.
  • Adobe is seeking a machine learning engineer for their office in San Jose, CA, and a senior data science engineer (San Jose, SF, or remote).
  • The Computational Biosciences Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is seeking a scientific data engineer to support the Neurodata Without Borders project.

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