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Build a Shopify Store with Next.js + Tailwind CSS: Modern eCommerce
In this quick tutorial I will be showing you the basics of setting up a headless eCommerce store using Shopify Storefront API (GraphQL) with Next.js as the frontend framework and Tailwind CSS for styling.
Building Powerful Checkout Customizations with Checkout Extensibility
Shopify's new Checkout Extensibility features provide a range of powerful new ways to customize Shopify's checkout. This talk from Shopify Unite 2022 will outline the key components that make up checkout extensibility, how they interact with each other, and when to use each feature to help you. You'll leave with a better understanding of the checkout extensibility landscape and how to use it to build the next generation of customized checkout experiences for merchants.
Shopify locale aware URLs
If you are using the Shopify Markets functionality to make your store available to multiple currencies or languages. You are likely using locale aware URLs. When using these you need to ensure that you avoid hardcoded URLs within your theme, to avoid accidentally bouncing a customer to the wrong locale, where they might get the wrong language or currency.
Extra Order Data w/ Shopify Line Item Properties
In this video, I cover how to offer extra customization for orders placed on your Shopify site. This tutorial makes use of Shopify's Line Item properties. Most features are built into Shopify's free themes. This tutorial uses Dawn, but a similar method could be applied to other themes.
Shopify Analytics - Customer cohort analysis
The Customer cohort analysis report displays data about your customer acquisition and retention. A cohort is defined as a group of customers that have similar characteristics. For the Customer cohort analysis report, customers are grouped into cohorts based on the date that they placed their first order.
From Shopify Seller to App Development
In this Shopify Unite 2022 talk, we’ll hear Kyoto-based entrepreneur Thomas Bertrand share his journey going from Bento&Co (with Shopify in beta in 2006!), a shop selling bento boxes, and later to Ship&Co, an app simplifying the shipping process. Learn how the process of shipping bento boxes to over 100 countries inspired Thomas to create Ship&co for sellers in Japan. You'll also hear how Ship&co now serves sellers in 25+ countries and best practices when entering the Japanese market.
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Code & Tools

Liquify - Shopify Enhanced Code Search/Editor
Liquify is a browser extension to enhance the Shopify theme code editor and add some quality of life functions that a traditional code editor would have. It also provides some storefront shortcuts, such as opening the theme or code editor for the current theme being previewed, or opening the admin page for the current product/collection/blog/page being viewed.
A Guide To Keyboard Accessibility: HTML And CSS
Keyboard accessibility is an important part of the user experience. There are multiple criteria in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) about this topic. Still, it’s somehow overlooked, affecting the experience of many users, mainly people with motor disabilities — any condition that limits movement or coordination.
An Interactive Guide to Flexbox
Flexbox is a remarkably powerful layout mode. When we truly understand how it works, we can build dynamic layouts that respond automatically, rearranging themselves as-needed. In this blog post, I want to refine your mental model for Flexbox. We'll build an intuition for how the Flexbox algorithm works, by learning about each of these properties. Whether you're a CSS beginner, or you've been using Flexbox for years, I bet you'll learn quite a bit!
Shopify’s Image Optimizer Apps Don’t Actually Do Anything
In the web performance world of Shopify apps, image compression apps mostly dominate. There are at least a dozen different options. These services claim to reduce page load times on your website by compressing image files. For a few dollars a month, they will scan through your Shopify account and compress any image file they find.