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What to expect in the next few months. Register before the wait lists turn on! 

Fall soccer

Some divisions have waiting lists already so now is a good time to register for fall soccer. If you are on a wait list, you'll be billed when enough volunteers have been confirmed. If you can coach or referee, your child goes to the head of the line.

What's next

Mid July: Division administrators contact parents
Late July: Coaches and referees are confirmed
Mid-Late August: Teams are formed and coaches contact parents
Early September: Practice schedule and game schedule are published

Open Registration

Anybody can register in any AYSO region. If you've recently moved, and don't want to brave the 210 on a weekday evening, nearby regions include Alhambra/Monterey Park (60), Arcadia (2), Boyle Heights (1304), Glendale/La Crescenta (88), San Gabriel/Rosemead (40), South El Monte (908), South Pasadena/San Marino (214), and Temple City (98).

Coach Puzzler

If you're a coach, what would you do? Suggestions at the bottom!

1. The coach notices that the referee is either missing or not making may calls to stop play.

2. The team parents are coaching their kids during the game, yelling "shoot!" and "pass the ball!"

Take your best guess, volunteer to become a coach, and scroll down for the answers.

Anxious about coaching?

This fall, Region 13 is rolling out a new coach & referee mentoring program. 

Coaches are important, because kids are important, and they thrive when parents, guardians, and friends get involved in their activities and try something new. Now that we are coming out of quarantine, kids have a thirst for physical activity, and the community needs more role models than ever before. 

We know from experience that you will have a lot of questions, so Region 13 has made it a priority to help all volunteers, especially those who are new to soccer, or are refereeing for the first time, with ongoing support during the season, in addition to the normal volunteer classes.

So, fear not! You can do it! Sign up as a coach or referee. Your children will thank you and so will the whole community! 

Superhero of the month 

Anastassios (aka Stas) Petropoulos is the Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate in Region 13, which means he looks out for overall security and safety. That is usually an uneventful position, until, well you know, 2020. To support getting something that resembled soccer going, Stas represented Region 13 at regular Health Dept briefings, pored over statistics, and monitored the ever-changing pandemic situation so that your club could put on Skills & Drills safely for hundreds of kids. Stas writes, "I'm looking forward to coaching my younger daughter's 14U team in the Fall! AYSO Region 13 is a fantastic place to pursue the sport of soccer, because it offers the perfect mix, I believe, of exhilaration through competition, fulfillment through learning new skills, friendship and teamwork, and outright fun from running around figuring out how best to put the ball in the net (preferably your opponent's net)." Thanks, Stas!

The Road to Fall Soccer

July 8 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm
July 15 Wait lists turned on for most divisions
August 5 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm
Mid-August Open house, New parent orientation, shoe exchange
Sep 6 Last day to cancel and receive a partial refund
Sep 7-10 Practice starts
Sep 11 First day of games

Why build from the back?

Last month's USA-Mexico match began with this early goal by Mexico. Starting from their own goal line, Mexico has the advantage of initiative and momentum, running forward while the defense runs backwards. Thanks to that imbalance, when Yedlin finally gets the ball, the approaching freight train of Mexican players leaves him with no safe place to put it, landing McKenzie in an impossible position. Building from the back lets the attacking team concentrate superior numbers at the time and place of their choosing. The USA adapted and eventually triumphed, but it was a real nail-biter.

Summer camps

Spartan Allstars is a coed, multi-sports day camp for Campers ages 5-14 at La Canada High School offering 7 one week sessions through July 23. Prices start at $350. Strict LA County Health Department Summer Camp Safety protocols will be in place. For everything from archery to ultimate frisbee, Register here!

Region 13 partner Launch Sports offers soccer and multi-sport camps all summer at the Rose Bowl for ages 5-12! Prices start at $200 for a half day.

UK International Soccer, an official AYSO partner, offers half-day camps at the Rose Bowl, the weeks of July 19, and Aug 16, for $150.

New this fall

Region 13 plans to offer skills clinics for 10U-14U players, followed by ... wait for it ... all-ages pickup soccer! In addition to playing with your team in the regular fall league, Region 13 families will be invited to play informally with friends and siblings. Want a boys vs girls game of 2nd graders? Fine. Want to play with your older brother? Fine. Region 13 has been developing this format for a few years now, where the players self-select groups of appropriate difficulty level, and play with fluid teams on small fields. If you have kids who want to play, but aren't ready for a formal team, this could be the solution. Please email if you have a special interest in this program.

Coach puzzler answers

1. Missed calls will often happen this year, with so many new people, and, let's face it, online training isn't as memorable as in-person classes. If missed calls are a safety concern, e.g: if a player is repeatedly playing dangerously, the coach should respectfully ask to speak with the Referee in private during a break and point out the safety concern. Or, the coach can invite the team captain to tell the Referee, "Ref, I'm concerned about Yellow #4 slide tackling. Could you please watch out for that?" Referees are also human and respond well to positive encouragement. If you praise the Referee for correctly interpreting a tricky situation, especially if it goes against your team, you encourage the Referee to continue to be thoughtful. Criticism only distracts the Referee from the 20 or so legs they are trying to keep track of during the game, and it trains spectators and players themselves to criticize a person who is doing their best. Positive coaching aims to help players to focus on the game, not on the grownups.

2. The player on the field knows that she should shoot the ball, but she probably also knows that she can't kick that far, her weight is on the wrong foot, and ball is spinning strangely. Let the parents know that when they yell to their child, it is distracting and confusing. Players have enough to think about during the excitement of the game. Successful coaches know that the players who are furthest from the ball are the ones who can listen to them during a game, so the parents’ role is simple and joyous: only positive support. If the parents seem anxious about the team's performance, send a team email stressing the parents’ role as supporters. The #1 reason kids quit playing sports is the pressure that parents and coaches put on them.

Message from the Regional Commissioner

Did you notice the hard sell on coaching?

Even if you're thinking, "let's see how it goes, and maybe next year," I'd like to encourage you to go for it, and volunteer for your child's team this year. After all, it's not like they're getting any younger.

Also, it's not the Olympics. Sure, Megan Rapinoe's father coached her and her sister's soccer teams, but for now, there is absolutely nothing at stake. It's just for fun, and special time with your kid and the team as they struggle and persevere together is an experience you can't get any other way.

Some of my most precious memories are the rides back and forth to soccer matches with my son - as we contemplate the challenge ahead and reminisce together about the game. 

See you on the field,

Taj Chiu,

Region 13's Volunteer Regional Commissioner and Soccer Mom

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