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Dear <<First Name>>,
When we come to know Jesus, we are revealed to ourselves. Knowing ourselves is very important, in fact essential. There are no shortages of self-help courses and coaching sessions today. But do we know ourselves any better? 
The ancient Greeks had a famous motto: "γνώτι σεαυτόν" (know thyself), but the Word of God and the teachings of the Church tell us that we cannot truly know ourselves without God’s help and the light of the Holy Spirit. 
Anyone who has not experienced their limitations and sinfulness, who has not fallen, does not know themselves. Moreover, anyone who has not discovered their vocation of having been created out of love "in the image and likeness of God", "to have been forgiven", and called by God to share in His glory is unaware of the true meaning of their life. 
God does not want sinners to die but to be converted. The whole history of the saints shows us that. Beyond our sins God looks at us prophetically; that is, He does not focus on our sins, but sees beyond our failings and our misery. 
If the Lord had condemned King David, Saints Peter and Paul, Mary Magdalene, Francis of Assisi, Charles de Foucault, Ignatius of Loyola and many other saints, for their sins, if they had remained prisoners of their pride and ignorance, we would have no elder brothers and sisters in the struggle of faith, no models, no intercessors, no hope of salvation! But, "O happy fault that has brought us such a Redeemer"!
All you Saints of God, pray for us!
Fr Isaiah Audhuy cb
NOVEMBER - a month to pray for the holy souls!

A testimony:

My dear mother, Shirley Anne died in 2013 on November 5th, which is a little ironic because she always hated Guy Fawkes!

She was a wonderful woman of faith and wanted nothing more than to spend her eternity with Jesus and Mary and all the saints, especially her first born son, John, who lived with a severe mental and physical handicap, and so was not capable of offending God. He returned to the Lord in 1984, at the age of 16.

One good thing about Mum's anniversary being in November - especially on Guy Fawkes is that as soon as we start to hear fireworks in the distance, it is a reminder for us to pray for Mum's soul and all the holy souls in purgatory.

The Church designates November as a special month to pray for the holy souls, not only our own dear loved ones, but also those souls who have nobody to pray for them. As Mum always said, God loves nothing more than for us to pray for His mercy. God loves us so much that a simple prayer, an offering of love can open his Heart and the gates of Heaven!

Offering Mass for a loved one is a very special way to pray for a person who has died. The Holy Mass is the prayer of Jesus offering Himself totally to the Father in a perfect sacrifice of love. It is the same sacrifice which has earned for us our salvation.

It was so beautiful to have Mass celebrated for Mum's soul on her anniversary. The Beatitudes Community Mass that day was so special. Even my elderly Father, who is not Catholic and doesn't usually attend Mass was present with the rest of the family to pray for Mum.

If you would like the Beatitudes Community to offer Mass for your loved one, it is easy to do - even if you cannot attend in person. Just click on the link below and fill out the Mass request with their name and your intention, click on the donate button to offer a small stipend and submit the form. The Beatitudes will get back to you to let you know when the Mass will be offered.

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace!


-  Michael

To submit a MASS INTENTION for a loved one:  CLICK HERE

Coming up.... 

<<First Name>>  - You are invited!

9th December from 6pm

The Fourvière Festival of Lights is the Beatitudes' largest annual festive event.

Join Bishop Michael Gielen of Christchurch and hundreds of pilgrims at the Sanctuary of Fourvière for Mass of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception followed by a picnic dinner, Eucharistic Procession and all night adoration at the Shrine of Mary, Mother of the Light.

Mass starts at 6pm on Saturday 9th December. This is a beautiful festive event for the whole family.

Roast / Hangi Lamb meals will be for sale along with great coffee, snacks and and cold drinks, or simply bring your picnic. The giftshop will also be open for great souvenirs and gift ideas for Christmas.

After dinner, as dusk approaches, light a candle in a lantern from Lourdes and process together singing hymns to Mary and Jesus.

Then settle for a time of silent adoration under the stars. Stay as late as you like.

Confession will also be available.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you and all of your friends and whanau! 

The Beatitudes Community and its apostolates are providing a beautiful example of Catholic Community life right here in New Zealand. Pilgrims are welcomed from all around the country for times of prayer and retreat and for spiritual accompaniment and healing.

The experience of beauty, in the peaceful surroundings, in the liturgy and the community life, gives us a foretaste of our heavenly home.

Each year, many families, individuals and groups are touched by the work of the Beatitudes Community and encouraged in prayer and faith.

But in order to continue our important mission, we need YOU!

Please if you can and you feel the call to help us to do this important work, click on the DONATE button below and become a regular donor or benefactor.

Even if it is just $5 per week, your contribution could make a huge difference and could help us to continue to be a place where light is shone into the darkness.

All contributions over $5 are fully tax deductible. See the details on our donation page.
Please donate to Westpac:  03-0854-0012427-000  ​
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