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THURSDAY 9th of June, 2022
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We have collected all of the amazing tips we have received from the past interviews and published an amazing post about the top 40 beaches in Mallorca
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Palma  - @thinkpalma
Coll Baix - @jalmaze
Mallorca @espanyolet
🏠  Property off the week 
This dreamy penthouse in the center of Palma has magical views over Palma and the beautiful Tramuntana, read more here. 

The modern design gives the apartment a fresh look that's quite rare to find in Spain.

There are only two penthouses available in the building so make sure to check it out.

In partnership with Fantastic Frank.
🎤  5 questions with Patricia Parinejad, founders of Green Mallorca
Instagram account worth following: In Mallorca it is adrianameunier_textilework

I'am also working on my second book: GREEN NAMIBIA. In Namibia it is worth following: @green.namibia @africanmonarchlodges, @kambakusafarilodge and @wolwedanscollection

Favourite place to swim: Always Port de Soller in the very early morning hours and also Cala Torta.

Place worth eating at? Patiki beach in Port de Soller.

Who is making a product we should know about: Studio jaia in Palma. Anna Lena Kortmann does beautiful stools weaving the seating right on the frame.
Best month of the year in Mallorca: September
Green Mallorca - A book with a brand new focus: sustainability on Mallorca. 

You can now purchase the book by clicking on any of the two website links.
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👀 Idas tips
Doctor Knife Mallorca 

There's nothing worse than a blunt knife in the kitchen! I love cooking food at home and I've realised how important good kitchen tools are.

When I visit my sister in Sweden I'm so impressed with how good their knives are. She recently told me her secret. They send away their knives every 6 months to get them properly sharpened. 

I'm so happy to tell you that one of those services has arrived onMallorca. Doctor Knife will help you sharpen your knives so you never need to be frustrated in the kitchen again. 

Read more ​here.​
Event 💃
What? First restaurant tailored dinner show on Mallorca. By Cast Company.

June 13th to August 24th

Where? La Pescaderia de Andi

Cast Company have created a weekly restaurant tailored dinner show packed with surprising acts of singing, dancing, magic, music, theater and varieté.

Luke and I are going to the Première and are so excited!

Make sure to book some tickets before they get sold out!

More info here.
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The 9 Hottest Restaurants In United Airlines’ New Destination Palma De Mallorca.

Welcome (back) to Ibiza, as the Balearic prepares for its biggest summer yet.
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Megasport is our go to gym on Mallorca. Pristine condition including gym (indoor + outdoor), padel courts, spa and over 600 classes.

Modern Teams is a new kind of job board. Find dream jobs with forward thinking companies that let you work from anywhere.

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