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Welcome back to The 90%!
Practice is 90% physical and 10% mental.  Competition is 90% mental and 10% physical.  - Mark Spitz, 9x Olympic Gold Medalist
School is back in session, and that means I'm working with several teams, classes, and individuals. I always begin the year by talking about the importance of identity. I believe that knowing WHO you are drives WHY you do what you do.  In turn, that affects HOW you do it. Establishing a foundation in identity allows you to do anything. As Aaron Walsh, mental skills coach for Chiefs Rugby in New Zealand describes, what you do is not who you are, but it is the canvas through which you express yourself. My question for you is - What are you painting?
The Paralympics are in full swing, and you won't find a more inspiring athlete than Ibrahim Hamadtou, who is competing in his second Paralympics. After losing his arms at the age of 10, he has demonstrated a remarkable resilience and growth mindset to become a top level table tennis player. He says, "I used to be a weak person; this game has made me strong."
Along with identity, breathing is the first mental skill I teach.  It is fundamental to energy management, focus, routines, and recovery.  Learn the basics in the infographic below.
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