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Adding Custom Styles to Shopify Sections
This video covers some of the most simple and straight-forward options, including how to do this via Shopify's new Custom CSS section in the customizer section settings, or via more traditional theme developer methods like adding a unique identifying tag and writing custom CSS directly.
Shopify Competitor Research
Here is a quick way to find leading E-commerce sites in your category for inspiration. You can easily find the best Shopify stores in your country and category by filtering. For each store, you can view the theme and apps they use and which social media channels are the most popular.
Shopify How to Add a Size Chart
A step-by-step guide for displaying a size charts on your product pages without any code.
Product Image Slider for Shopify Dawn Theme Using Web Components
This blog will guide you through creating a more traditional product image gallery for the Dawn theme.
How to add a Trustpilot widget to your Shopify store
In this article, I will go through a method to implement the Trustpilot review widget on Shopify, which we added to one of our most recent 2.0 theme migrations.
How does Gadget make Shopify app development easy?
The platform's already connected to Shopify, letting you sync data and react to webhooks reliably. You get your own database, and a node.js environment to execute your code. The entire app is scaled by us as your usage grows. Best of all, you never deal with data reliability, security, tenancy, session tokens, or API versions.

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Generated test data
By default, Shopify stores are created empty, without any data. To speed up the development and testing process, you can create a development store that's populated with test data generated by Shopify.
The Guide To Responsive Design In 2023 and Beyond
When you think about building fluid layouts these days isn’t about having fixed-width breakpoints anymore. Instead, the layouts we build today need to work on nearly any device size.
Real-Time Delivery Dates on Shopify: Increase Trust and Sales
In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use Liquid code to display dynamic delivery dates on your Shopify store. By leveraging the power of Liquid, you can calculate and display shipping dates based on order fulfillment times, carrier schedules, and other variables.
Shopify 2.0 Coding Tutorial: Building on Dawn Theme Part 4
Let's learn Shopify theme development by working on their demo theme: Dawn. In this part we will be discussing hardcoding vs. theming and adding custom fonts.
Sync Shopify Customer’s Metafield to Klaviyo’s profile
Learn how to implement powerful marketing automation by integrating metafields with Klaviyo.


React Developer, Full Time Remote Anywhere
We are looking for an experienced React developer to join our team to help scale up our products, implement our development plans and respond more quickly to feature requests from our growing user base.
Front-End Developer Full Time, Remote, UK
We're looking for a Front End Developer who loves to solve problems and build engaging, modern user experiences for consumer facing brands. Someone who is able to work in a fast-paced agile team and manage their time effectively.
Technical Lead, Full Time Remote North America / EMEA
As a Technical Lead, you'll be architecting solutions for a wide array of problems. We pride ourselves on being brave creative thinkers who are able to think outside the box to meet the needs of any business selling anything over the internet.