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Installation view of Myles Jackson Lynch, Cryptic Landscapes.

Cryptic Landscapes
Myles Jackson Lynch, BFA, Hons.

Final day to view is Saturday, August 19!

This series is inspired by the fever dreams of childhood, our psychic connection to the land, and the sense of sublime we feel in the grand scale of the universe. Cryptic Landscapes is an exploration of minimalist expression through contrasting textures; paper impersonating rock formations on a grand scale versus golden regions implying value and importance. While the material conveys stillness and timeless consistency, the gilding is abstract with no concrete meaning. It is up to the viewer to find their own answers in the work, as it is our nature to find meaning in the experience of life. 

Myles Jackson Lynch, BFA, Hons. is an emerging Lŭnaapèew artist from Eelŭnaapéewi Lahkéewiit (formerly known as Moraviantown, Ontario). He grew up with an equal appreciation for nature and academia, finding inspiration in stillness. Though the medium in which he creates his art is ever changing, his body of work continues to be focused on existentialism. 

The Annual Juried Exhibition (AJE) is one of the most highly anticipated undergraduate exhibitions in the Department of Visual Arts at Western University. This diverse exhibition supports the production of new artwork made in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, digital media, photography, installation, sound, and performance. For many years, Forest City Gallery has supported the AJE through the contribution of the FCG Feature Award. The FCG Feature offers a presentation opportunity to one student each year, selected by a professional jury. The AJE 21, which took place in March 2023, awarded Myles Jackson Lynch, BFA, Hons., with this year's FCG Feature Award. 
Eagle's Eye, by Jozie
Lino block print, 2023

FCG Pier: Works by Jozie and Mea
On view when FCG reopens in September

Jozie and Mea are two elementary school students, budding artists, and part of the Oneida Nation of the Thames. They are passionate about honing their skills in printmaking, as well as developing their fluency in Oneida, and their work often embodies and represents their interests and identities.

Special thanks to Art East for custom framing Jozie and Mea's works!
Image courtesy of Sara Mai Chitty.
Towards Braiding
September 13 - October 13, 2023

"We define braiding as a practice of yet-to-come located in a space in-between and at the edges of bricks and threads, aiming to calibrate each sensibility toward a generative orientation and inter-weave their strands to create something new and contextually relevant, while not erasing differences, historical and systemic violences, uncertainty, conflict, paradoxes and contradictions. … 

"Braiding is not an endpoint, but rather an ongoing and emergent process. It is not possible to determine what braiding will look like before it occurs. In fact, we propose three “steps towards braiding” that need to happen before any braiding is even possible." (Towards Braiding, page 21 and 22)

As Forest City Gallery turns 50, we are thinking about what 50 more years looks like for us, and the roles and responsibilities we have as one of the longest running artist-run centres, located in Dish with One Spoon territory. 

We invite you to join us, with open hearts and minds, for Towards Braiding, a workshop and conversation series organized by Sara Mai Chitty with community guests and consultants in conversations about decolonizing arts, arts education, and institutions. This series will run from September 13 to October 13, 2023.
This is just a small beginning step. To prepare, let’s begin reading Towards Braiding by Vanessa Andreotti and Jimmy Elwood Smith together.

Towards Braiding comes out of discussions and sharing between the authors and the Musgagetes Foundation, and this book will be our guide. In the lead-up to this series, we will post questions and quotes to inform the conversations that will emerge and take literal shape on our gallery walls in the Fall.

Happy 5th Birthday, Femme Art Review!

Femme Art Review celebrated its big 5-year anniversary on Thursday evening! Thank you to all who came out to support and celebrate this important publication. There were music, snacks and refreshments, free tarot readings, a collage table, readings and door prizes. 

A reminder that August 18 is the deadline for FAR's Call for Submissions for print issue #3: Censorship

Mark your Calendars for Hear Here! 

September 8, 7 - 10PM
FCG's Hear Here music programming will return with some exciting local acts. Stay tuned...

🌞 Closing for summer break! 🌞 

FCG will close its doors between August 20 and September 8th. Stay tuned for announcement of our upcoming events on our website. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for stories and local promotion!

Exhibition Assistance Program now open! 

Please allow 3-4 weeks for exhibition assistant results during our upcoming summer break! 
Forest City Gallery is a third-party recommender for the Ontario Arts Council’s Exhibition Assistance program (Zone 1). The 2023-24 program is open from early June 2023 until January 16, 2024, 1:00 p.m. ET. Find out more information on our website, or visit OAC's website for complete information, including who is eligible, what expenses are eligible, and what expenses are ineligible.

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