Low-Code and No-Code Tools: Boost Your App and Theme Development Workflow 
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Low-Code and No-Code Tools: Boost Your App and Theme Development Workflow
In this article, we’ll cover the difference between low-code and no-code technologies and how you can use them to streamline your work with clients and introduce new low- and no-code-powered services to your current offerings.
Creating and Using Shopify Metaobjects
Shopify has released a new featured called Metaobjects. These help you add reusable structured content to your store. The metaobject data can be used in themes via Liquid and with the Storefront API. Once you create and populate the metaobjects, you can use the content throughout your Shopify store. Metaobjects are used with metafields for the ultimate content creation system.
How to make a Shopify app
We go over my open source boilerplate repository on how to make a Shopify embedded application, and not just run a few commands and be up and running, but explaining things step by step on how and why things work, breaking things on purpose and understanding why they break and how to fix it.
How To Add Drop Down On Hover
This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide for adding hover functionality to drop-down menus in Shopify. The updated version of the tutorial ensures that the code works on the latest Shopify themes, specifically Dawn 9.0.0 Refresh 9.0.0 Sense 9.0.0, as well as any other themes that have been updated to version 9.0.0.
Apps - Tracking your listing traffic
You can get more information about how merchants are finding your app listing in the Shopify App Store by tracking your listing traffic with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. Knowing how merchants find your app listing can help you optimize your listing for your merchants, as well as for the Shopify App Store search engine.

Code & Tools

The Future of Code: A Gadget Hackathon
Shopify's new Checkout Extensions and the arrival of generative AI are two trends turning the app store upside down. Join us for a week of building as we create novel solutions that transform the way we shop, and sell, online.
Ready-to-pack product dimensions
Learn about Ready-to-pack product dimensions. This information is used to recommend a package when you buy Shopify Shipping labels.
HEX to LCH Color Converter
Convert colors between HEX, RGB, HSL, and LCH

Developer Changelog

APRIL 26, 2023 - New updates to checkout extensibility API

Shopify has updated its Checkout extensibility API with new UI components to help build customizations for delivery dates and UX patterns. The checkout branding now also supports custom fonts.

APRIL 26, 2023 - Increasing search relevance with behavioral data in the Shopify App Store

The Shopify App Store's search algorithm now takes into account how merchants interact with search results. This update will help rank the most relevant apps for merchants, reducing the impact of keyword stuffing.

APRIL 20, 2023 - Sale attribution edits now can be subscribed via Orders/updated webhook API

With API version 2023-07, Shopify has enabled sale attribution edits to be subscribed via Orders/updated webhook API. The new attributed_staffs field will reflect the new attributions on the order after the edit.

APRIL 18, 2023 - Update on the speed test app listing highlight Shopify App Store

Shopify has temporarily suspended Speed tested as an app listing highlight while it invests in better tooling. App developers will be updated on plans to resume incentives in this area.