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New Perspectives on Hungarian Abstract Art



And we're back! – sooner than expected for this edition of the Evoke Newsletter because we are on the heels of the Gulf Futures Forum, which we proudly participated in, and therefore want to drum up all the enthusiasm and excitement in for the largest virtual conference. In recent months the Gulf has experienced an uptick in risks ranging from the US’s withdrawal from the region and in turn China and Russia’s increased presence, shifting orientations and strategic alliances on the part of GCC States.

Therefore, we need to understand how to mitigate that risk and navigate this ever-changing landscape in the region. The conference was not about advancing a particular political narrative, the Gulf Futures Forum prioritized the issue of various industries' risk mitigation measures across the Gulf with regards to risks to the commercial business from security threats along with current economic sanctions and their impact in the region. The aim was to keep this about commercial risk and security rather than entering into a political debate - far from it.

In other news, Team E went on an art field trip! Well, more like we attended an exclusive exhibition: New Perspectives on Hungarian Abstract Art, a selection from the MNB-Ingatlan Kft. collection. In an attempt to open up a dialogue between the abstract voices of the Arab and the Hungarian art scene, the exhibition presented a fresh overview of the experiments of the young Hungarian generation.

It's all hands on deck these weeks as we get over the line on events, conferences and more projects in the pipeline! If there were one emoji that describes where we are at these days it's 💨.

More from us next time!

Team E. 💥

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New Perspectives on Hungarian Abstract Art


Last week Team E headed to Dubai's Al Serkal – an art hub – where selected works from the MNB collection, 'New Perspectives on Hungarian Abstract Art' were on display. This exclusive exhibition marked the opening of Art Week Dubai. It was the exclusive first viewing of the exhibition's global tour, with its first stop and unveiling in Dubai. The exhibition was opened by renowned art historian, Dr. Flóra Mészáros.

A little bit more about the exhibition - the subversive practice of the Hungarian Neo-Avantgarde has remained relevant to the present-day production of art. Many young Hungarian artists find their own paths by reinvestigating the various abstract traditions such as Op-Art, Hard-edge-, Gesture- and Radical Monochrome painting, and so on. In Hungary, the notion of abstraction was always connected to the idea of progressivity: by confronting the theoretical and ontological questions posed by the image, artists aimed at merging the global and the local, the contemporary and the timeless.

FYI, the piece you are currently looking at is Gergő SZINYOVA:Untitled (Present), 2018, acrylic, canvas, 120x90 cm



The Gulf Futures Forum


The Gulf Futures Forum's explored a wide ranging number of  engaging and thematic debates during the historic conference. The Gulf Futures Forum was nothing short of comprehensive and extensive, covering intricate intel, predictive insights and where the deepest impact will be felt against Iran's future sanctions, and nuclear aspirations.

The agenda spoke to the following, crucial areas: Iran's Nuclear & Regional Aspirations, The Impact of Iran's Regional Strategy on Gulf Security, Risks to Maritime & Energy Security, Risks to Cybersecurity, The Geopolitical Dimensions to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, The Future of JCPOA & Impact on Iran's Regional Calculus, US Withdrawal from Afghanistan and Risks to Security & Trade In The Gulf.

At the forefront of every discussion was the assessment of commercial risk and security, harnessed by the strong line-up of speakers.

It is our belief that these conversations - held and steered by the most well poised figures in the geopolitical space - serve to point us in the right direction for what the future looks like in the Gulf based on the many dynamic dimensions affecting its developing position in the world. We look forward to continue cultivating these essential conversations.

You can now watch the entirety of the conference here:





We’re always on the look out for dynamic change makers, disruptors and new information to fuel our own dexterity and creativity. So, this section sees a few of our recent picks on how the world’s outlook is changing. We hope these little nuggets will help you land on that 'aha!' moment you were looking for!




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We know everyone says it's not all work, it's about play, too – and as much as we don't want to sound like a broken record, there is truth in the truism. Like we said earlier, we are all about ingesting the complex and the trivial in equal measure. In fact, we love nothing more than thinking deeply about the more 'playful' things in life. Read ' em and ponder away.

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Two For The Road – Henry Mancini





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