China’s benchmark stock index erased all its gains for the year due to concerns over growth, geopolitical tensions, and developers' debt issues.
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Market Snapshot 📷
S&P 500 4,115.24 -0.73%
Nasdaq 12,848.16 -0.61%
Dow 32,799.92 -0.77%
10-Year 3.738% +0.019%
Oil 74.25 +1.54%
Gold 1,960.60 -0.82%

*All data as of the previous day’s market close.

Markets & Economy
Chinese Market Wipe Out 2023 Gains as Headwinds Intensify (2 min read)

China’s benchmark stock index erased all its gains for the year due to concerns over growth, geopolitical tensions, and developers' debt issues. The CSI 300 Index fell another 1.4% on Wednesday and is among the worst performers in Asia this year. Weak economic data over the last months and worsening ties with Western countries have reversed the reopening rally and continue to dampen sentiment. Local government financing vehicles struggling to repay debt and ongoing outflows from foreign investors have also further added to the market's pessimism.
What’s the Best Long-Term Investment? (3 min read)

According to Gallup's survey, real estate has been the favored long-term investment for over a decade, although it saw a drop in 2023. Stocks fell to third place behind gold after the 2022 bear market. While real estate is popular due to high homeownership rates and the perception of it being a valuable asset, its expenses and illiquidity should be considered. This article suggests that diversification is still important regardless of which investment yields the best long-term results because future performance will always remain uncertain.
Business & Stocks
Meta has started its latest round of layoffs, focusing on business groups (2 min read)

Meta has initiated its third and last round of layoffs, targeting employees in business groups, as part of its cost-saving strategy. Together with the last cut in April, around 10,000 workers will lose their jobs, adding to the 11,000 employees affected by the first round in November. Investors have praised Meta’s efforts to streamline operations, sending the stock 180% higher to about $246 since bottoming at under $89 in November. Despite the cost-cutting measures, Meta continues to invest heavily in the metaverse, including its Reality Labs unit.
Netflix begins password sharing crackdown in the US (2 min read)

Netflix is cracking down on password sharing in the US and has started sending emails to subscribers who share their passwords outside of their households. To continue sharing an account outside of their household, users will need a higher tier membership or an additional monthly fee to add a member to their account. The company has already initiated the crackdown in several countries earlier this year and noted a cancel reaction in each market after the news, but it also observed increased acquisition and revenue as a result.
Funds & ETFs
How To Build An ETF Portfolio (Video)

This 3-minute video from provides a simple guide on building an ETF portfolio. It highlights a seven-step process: defining your investment goals, accessing risk tolerance, determining the asset mix, choosing a portfolio structure, researching the ETFs, selecting the ETFs, and choosing the entry strategy. It explains and includes examples for each step.
Cathie Wood’s ARKK hits new monthly high, but capital flows are not following (2 min read)

Cathie Wood’s flagship fund, the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK), has reached a new monthly high this week. ARKK is benefitting from the overall tech rally, with the high flyer stocks in its portfolio like Tesla, Roku, and Coinbase gaining the most. Although it has significantly outperformed the broader markets this year, it lost about $90.71 million in assets. The decline is small compared to ARKK’s total AUM but may be a sign that investors are losing confidence in the fund.
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