The largest acquisition in Shopify’s history will create an end-to-end logistics platform 
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This issue is heavy on video content - each of which is amazing! Grab some popcorn and settle in - you don't want to miss out on any of this week's content.

News & Articles

Shopify to Acquire Deliverr for $2.1B
The largest acquisition in Shopify’s history will create an end-to-end logistics platform to unlock fast and easy fulfillment for millions of merchants
How to Customize Content by Country with Shopify
Today, more than 27 percent of all traffic on Shopify online stores is from international buyers—and yet cross-border traffic continues to convert at a significantly lower rate than domestic, in large part due to poor customer experiences. Shopify Markets, our new global commerce solution, aims to fix this with custom buying experiences by market.
The easy way to do the Shopify Storefront API
Everyone loves to talk about how graphql is the next best thing since sliced bread 🍞, but when you try to get started with it, it can sometimes feel like like an uphill battle 🏔 with dependancies and libraries just to make the call in the first place. Well, I'm here to make your life a lot easier - specifically for the Shopify Storefront API 🙌. We'll walk through the steps to set up your shop with the access, create the graphql query, and then call the query with Javascript Fetch.
How do Shopify Apps work? (API's, Extensions and Webhooks)
Learn what a Shopify app really is and how it supports entrepreneurs on the platform. Apps are used to extend the functionality of stores and provide features merchants don't get out of the box
Shopify Collection Sorting with Ajax Fetch
Let's learn how to sort collection products with ajax fetch requests using Alpine.js
Are memberships the new loyalty program?
According to a recent McKinsey study, members of paid loyalty programs are 60% more likely to spend more on the brand after subscribing. If your client is looking for a way to boost high margin revenue and create a VIP class of customers, check out Conjured Memberships. Built by devs, for devs. 12c9165e-f6ea-11eb-96e5-06b4694bee2a%2F1651289811235-cm_logo.jpeg

Code & Tools

Introducing Polaris for VS Code
This new VS Code extension allows for code completion of Polaris design tokens. Design tokens help to standardize common design decisions, allowing you to focus on unique design challenges.
How to use JSON Templates with Shopify Themes
See how to migrate a Shopify theme from using Liquid templates to using JSON templates, so that sections can be added to all pages of a store from the theme editor
Shopify Metafield Support in
In spite of their importance and popularity, working with metafields can be a real challenge for developers. For starters, the data is stored in a separate resource on Shopify’s end (the “metafield object”), whereas you almost certainly want the data right on the resource you are extending with that metafield. And on top of that, Shopify’s API rate limits make this additional resource hopping even more cumbersome to navigate. To simplify this experience, Gadget now offers developers a faster and easier way to sync, query and mutate Shopify metafields in their backend. Simply drop the metafield’s namespace and key on the desired resource and let Gadget take care of the rest.
Building Better Liquid Arrays
Working with variables in Liquid is a bit of a challenge. It doesn’t seem to have been designed with complex data-manipulation in mind. Who’d have thought? As soon as you need to create any sort of structured data, you’ll begin to realise how much of a pain liquid can be, and you might find yourself tempted to just print all of your variables and let JavaScript handle them.



Support added for compressed GIF images
A much wider range of optimized GIFs, including LZW compression, are now accepted for upload.


What if you could turn back time? - May 24th
We'll be discussing how to keep your store secure, the need (and want) for that 'magic undo button' and how you can safely test, trial and update your store (even during the busiest season) and never worry about losing sales or momentum.


Partner Marketing Manager, remote
Own the partner-facing communication project management that aligns with and accomplishes deadlines, goals, and outcomes. These projects will be a key driver of relationship development and mutual value from a brand building and demand generation perspective for mutual growth.
Freelance Shopify Developer, PT (Remote)
We're looking for someone to join our team as a Freelance Shopify Developer to build, edit and customize Shopify themes. The ideal candidate will have experience building custom Shopify themes.

Tip of the Week

Preventing “Hidden” Line Item Properties from Displaying on Your Store

Line item properties play an important role in many stores and product workflows

Sometimes you want the customer to see this information alongside the line item, but often you don't

Take the case of tracking promotion items added via a script and identified by setting a line item property as an example.

Luckily Shopify makes it easy for you to hide properties on the cart page by prefixing the name with an underscore

But it's still up to you to modify your theme code to ensure that those properties are not displayed on the product form

Here's an example code snippet showing how to reliably detect properties that should remain hidden.

  ﹛% for p in %﹜
  ﹛% unless p.first.first == "_" %﹜ this is not a hidden property ﹛% endunless %﹜